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26.01.2020 15:10:44
MJX Bugs 5W 4K Version Full review - 5G WIFI FPV GPS Quadcopter Drone фото

Bugs 5W 4K review. In this MJX Bugs 5W B5W 4K version review I include unboxing, inspection, functions, features, app, calibration, camera, flight, duration and failsafe tests. You can get this Bugs 5 4K GPS Quadcopter Drone here:

Get this MJX Bugs 5W B5W 4K Version 5G WIFI FPV GPS Quadcopter Drone with Single-axis Gimbal 20mins Flying Time Follow Me Mode RTF here now:

Link to 4K 3840x [email protected] Video & photos here:

Link to WiFi & FPV explained video:

RTH did work but I stopped it by pressing the rth button again as I thought that the radio controller will beep when it is returning to home.


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William Horsley
26.01.2020 16:24:17
Hi Bill. I like that the functions work but the picture looks totally washed out. I have the mjx b4 and it's camera looks a lot better then bugs 5. I wonder why they didn't use camera from bugs 4 ? Other then that it fly good. I went and bought the Hubsan zino pro . I hope it works as good as the video's I've watched demonstrate. I'm going to watch your video again, I've watched every english speaking videos out there and the yays out do the nays. Have a wonderful day . Sincerely William Horsley
26.01.2020 15:52:22
thanks for sharing Bill
Torro ́s RC Channel
27.01.2020 01:35:16
Hi Bill, I think this copter is not that bad, it delivers good pictures and videos, for the price I think a good choice. Thanks for the test and the good information......thumbs up Bill????????
drie wiel
26.01.2020 19:20:41
If it says low battery then you must fly it higher. I don't see this 4k version being better than the old one. Besides, 1080 is much more than 4.
iacob emil
10.02.2020 20:50:12
I think yours is damaged i never seen mjx 4k with so bad picture quality
26.01.2020 15:47:42
Sorry one more thing the remote is like the BUGS 4 and the drone will go a lot farther than the app distance
MC's Creations
27.01.2020 07:26:36
Fantastic review and flying, Bill! ????Really well done!!!
26.01.2020 15:41:26
like I said in the vid before this I have the older version and the video doesn't look any better actually I think mine had less jello not putting the BUGS 5 down I flew the hell out of that drone I still have it just don't fly it much anymore still works great I have the BUGS (2)(3)(4)(5)and I like them all BUT as a camera drone I have been flying the DJI SPARK while I wait for the ZINO 2 I ordered DEC 19 But that's a whole different story anyway (GREAT VID)
Swarnava Ghosh
13.02.2020 23:01:42
Really liked the review! ????????
3D Printwiz
26.01.2020 15:49:43
Doesn't it defeat the purpose to have a 4K un stabilized camera and have videos shaking that you can't see the details?
Jawad Liaqat
05.02.2020 17:48:54
What is average flight time you get on full charge?
27.01.2020 07:47:23
One of the worst 4K footage drones available, mjx need to stick to making 720p drones as that’s all they can cope with, mjx should be ashamed to advertise this as 4k
Home Dronen FPV
27.01.2020 17:57:10
Great flight and review Bill!!! By the way, will those batteries work on the Big 2c that you know of....cheers!
King Of King's
28.02.2020 00:29:42
Will that remote work with the 1080p version? I broke my original one and like the sleek design of this remote more than the bigger bulky one thanks in advance Bill.