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05.07.2019 08:24:54
JJRC X11 2K 5G WIFI FPV GPS Foldable RC Drone фото

Check out the JJRC X11 here!!!!

One Battery - -coupon - JJRCX11ONE - $149.99

Two Battery - - coupon - JJRCX11TWO - $189.99

Three Battery -- coupon - JJRCX11THREE - $209.99

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Extra batteries


Update!! The charge cable is indeed a usb to usb type C cable.

One of the better GPS quadcopters out there at the moment and it is brushless and foldable with 22 minutes of flight time and has no problems at all flying around with some 10+ mph winds.

This quadcopter is the next generation of the popular MJX 5g wifi GPS style quadcopter we are used to with a newer style remote control boasting 1.7km control distance with foldable arms.

It is now equipped with a 2k camera for better quality photos and videos.
Sorry, I wasn't able to upload in 2k.

The video however is not in sync with real time and for the purpose of this video, the clip had to be slowed down by .84x to semi match the real time screen recording.

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The stuff I use :

FlySky FS-iA6 2.4G 6CH AFHDS Receiver

Jumper T8SG V2.0 Plus Carbon Special Edition Hall Gimbal Multi-protocol Advanced Transmitter for Flysky Frsky - Mode 2 (Left Hand Throttle)

FPV 2.4G 2W 2000mW Mini Radio Signal Booster For DJI Phantom

Taranis Q x7s

Taranis Q X7

headplay goggles

Skyzone goggles

runcam 2

Jumper T8SG

HQ Prop DP 5x4.3x3 V1S Black

HQ Prop DP 5x4.3x3 V1S Pink

Gemfan 5152

Gemfan 5149

Cyclone T5046C

Ethix S3 Prop Watermelon

Frsky XM+

CNHL 1300MAH 100C 4S LIPO &product_id=4

HOBBYMATE D6 Duo Pro Battery Charger


AKK A3 FPV AIO Micro Camera vvv

Hobbymate D16 frsky telemetry receiver

Realacc TFP-Mini Triple Feed Patch Dia. 45mm Antenna With Terminator - Black

jupiter 1

JJRC X11 2K 5G WIFI FPV GPS Foldable RC Drone
mjx b4w

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07.12.2019 05:35:21
Can I get a video signal connection at 700 meters on my S9+ ?
Tony C
10.09.2019 22:13:36
Excellent review, very detailed and helpful, thank you. I've seen several videos that show the RTH function. I have also read a PDF of the manual.... In the videos, the drone ascends when RTH is triggered, weather automatically or by the user, flies back to over the take-off location, and descends, lands, and powers off. That being said, can you tell me what the default altitude is and is it user adjustable? Neither the videos, nor the manual make mention of this !!!! My concern is, I have large pines very close to my house that are a good 90 feet tall......they will definitely come into play dependent on the direction being taken for RTH.. I assume there is a setting is in the app....wish someone would do a in depth video on the app and it's use ( Hint Hint ) Bet a lot of others would, also....Thanks again for your informative videos.Also any idea what I can expect for FPV distance using I-Phone 6S....Keep the reviews coming, they're great !!
RC Escape
11.07.2019 09:49:29
Coupon Codes!!! goo.gl/3CmZf3
Shådy S
09.09.2019 17:26:07
Anyone advice if i am doubting between sjrc f11 and jjrc x11? Want to buy one tomorrow
William Horsley
01.10.2019 23:06:56
Hi. 1st I'd like to say I enjoy your work. I notice you use aio camera's in place of wifi for range. Do you think a aio camera would work with this drone and if so were would you mount your camera on top for best results. I ask because of the range this quadcopter claims or do you recommend something like a jjrc x8 or bugs 2 or 4. I have a lot of flat desert to fly over. Kind of Isolated.
RC Escape
01.10.2019 08:35:04
Coupon Codes!!! bit.ly/2msPJ4E
John Rooke
16.09.2019 16:28:45
Sorry to be a pain but could you tell me the best phone to use with the jjr/c x11 what does the phone need to have thanks for your help
Davie Foster
01.02.2020 09:29:13
That drone is crap, no image stability, the range is garbage also, too bad, nice built quad, but crap remote and crap china electronics.
Kevin Hemming
05.07.2019 11:34:27
Its a USB TYPE C . quite common now; not a preparatory connector , Its the size of a mini USB but unlike all other USBs this new one can go anyway up . love your vid though.
grant poole
04.01.2020 23:46:21
Just wondering, how do you know that the antenna on the controller are just for looks and not actually functional antenna?
Sr Gopal
24.08.2019 15:29:08
realy nice review
Niko Wolf
26.08.2019 23:43:57
what screen recorder do you use bro??
VAPING WITH TOM planet cloud
08.07.2019 21:44:41
Bit pricey...
Asus Kybd
22.10.2019 20:52:57
It will never ever compete with a naked nymphomaniac laying on your bed. 42:00 wow, look at all the cute females and friends you have there....
06.07.2019 07:31:49
I have seen that it only has 20 fps. Can you verify this? If that is true it is a huge negative.
El Primo
09.08.2019 20:57:33
Do yourself a favor by reviewing SJRC F11 pro and tell which is good? F11 vs X11 vs BUGS 4W
James George
15.07.2019 03:43:41
Is this the exact model as the mjx drone? I’m about to purchase it,,,,,where did you get the extra charge cable,,I’d like to get one also....great stuff,,,,Thankyou
Michael Belshe
07.08.2019 19:57:37
Thanks for the great review. I just purchased this, first drone for me! Loving it so far! Think I’m addicted to this already!
Tony D
12.11.2019 01:37:52
it is not a proprietary connector, it is a standard USB type-C connector
13.07.2019 19:38:08
Jjrc X11 good drone with a good reviewer, cool. But still, love the style and build quality of SJRC F11 PRO , hope you review also the F11 pro.
05.07.2019 09:00:34
does it have circle me follow me tap to fly
George C
16.08.2019 10:56:08
Bill Dallas Lewis
28.12.2019 04:23:56
Dude, Thank you so freaking much. I just bought the MJXRC BUGS 4W. It the same thing as in this video. i've had it for 6 days and I couldn't calibrate it. I was so pissed off. PISSED OFF. In all of the videos and in the little instruction manuals, for vertical calibration the people in the videos turn the drone from top to bottom three times. But in your video, you hold the drone camera up and spin the drone with your whole body. That did it. The lights turned solid green and solid red. It's night time, so I could help powering it up and tried to fly it in my small office. That was a mistake, but all is well.I'll take it out tomorrow.I'm still not getting any satilittes showing up. The controller says zero for Satelittes. What's up with that?Anyway, You made my Christmas come true with your calibration dance. Happy Holiday,Bill in Lake Chapala Mexico.
BST Shura
06.07.2019 19:17:30
Which one sjrc f11 pro or jjrc x 11 pls answer mr
Jahid Hasan Asif
11.10.2019 08:28:54
I cant connect My jjrc x11 to my phone xiaomi mi 9 lite. i cant see that wifi in my phone. please help!!!
Thanos A
12.11.2019 22:31:55
Hi from Montreal. Your reviews are very appreciated, thankyou for keeping us up to date! Personally, I value very much the X11/EX3/B4W drone who ismy preferred drone of the 2019 flying season. At a very reasonable price it hasexcellent flying characteristics – it’s super fun to fly! Its only hiccup is thecamera which although good for photos, its videos are not up to par with moreexpensive drones… I finally corrected this issue, by mounting on its bottom anexternal camera (RunCam 5) weighing 56 grams. I also fabricated a Bottom-mountedCamera Landing Gear from 3 mm barbecue sticks which weighs only 10 gr (see DIYvideo: www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlJ5nl2nXF0 ).Now the X11/EX3/B4W drone does super video recordings equivalent to drones thatare a lot more expensive. See also the X11/EX3/B4W DIY Hydrocopter Landing Gearfor emergency landing when flying over water: youtu.be/sFBpD5knZkk and youtu.be/NsKeMqmc_Ug
31.08.2019 20:37:42
Thanks for review, I just purchased one on ebay. As my first drone, I hope it will be easy and simple to navigate
Nick Ducusin
09.02.2020 02:59:20
Is there any way you can get the propellers out of the picture ? Good video ????
Marc Aquino
09.07.2019 19:54:41
How is the JJR/C X11 Compare to the SJRC F11? Im about to purchase one of this drones and have no idea what Im getting my self into. Please advice.
05.07.2019 12:33:33
Great job thanks for sharing cheers
Kevin Blue
28.09.2019 17:01:53
When connecting the remote to the drone... Does the battery have to be fully charged for the first flight????
James Drake
23.02.2020 20:45:33
Can you fly this thing without gps?
18.07.2019 19:11:35
It's amazing these things are getting so cheap now.
Frankie Knows Best
18.12.2019 05:51:44
If u fly it let’s see the test and return home from distance test too!
Wolfy Maceastern
05.07.2019 09:15:49
It’s a bugs 4 lol
Miller Ingram
06.10.2019 19:45:53
I can't believe that while the camera is within a gimbal, so much jello effect I could not eliminate it at all. I would say that even though it is 2K with poor quality in video leave alone also photo. I find it as a real downer. . However with all of the other features, its a bomb! Your best outcome is to balance the props. And zero support with all brand names. Rating 7 out of 10, easy!
Charles Henderson
05.07.2019 16:55:27
I decided on the Bugs 4W instead. How does it compare to that?
11.07.2019 11:13:11
I just purchased this item on the review of this upload , good work RC Escape . Video quality looks really really good , cant wait to see the Modding that can be done on this thing , and with that wind blowing suggests that it can really hold up to strong winds within reason . Cannot see the price holding long after people get more ups on yt . Nice review , Got this item at 196 euros 3 batteries carry bag , good price . hope you do a RC Controll distance review and waypoints .
22.12.2019 02:37:52
never mind
Bobby Sutton
05.07.2019 17:20:31
Great Review...been waiting to see what your thoughts were on this one, also looking forward to the Distance Test. :)
22.12.2019 18:56:33
what model is your ipad tied a few tablets none worked does uvc connections work
05.10.2019 19:30:27
USB C battery connector, I used my USB C connector from my Samsung S9 and it works on this battery charger.Thanks for the Video. I just received X11 today. I'm a little scared, this is my first drone
Pacific japan 1963
19.01.2020 12:42:52
For now, let's set the transmitter antenna at a right angle. Even beginners are watching, so please refer to it.
sleddingman 14
31.07.2019 04:19:49
What is the problem with the app? Bad reviews in the play store. A lot of people having the same issue.
Ray Keogh
09.07.2019 08:15:29
You do realise battery number 2 looks like it has a small dint in it in the second grey block area ? this thing is only good for flying and stop photo's the video is rubbish without a 3axel gimbal.
Alberto De Lorenzo
21.08.2019 23:54:01
X11 o zen k1?
22.12.2019 02:36:38
what kind of tablet you are using?
Robert Neuzil
04.09.2019 07:49:16
Can drone be flown using phone and how was the follow me function?
Blair Guinea
11.12.2019 10:58:24
nice job Sir, love it !
Jerry Berglund
16.09.2019 22:36:49
That not a slow bird like Hubsan H501A without a controller :-) And kinda ok Camera too.
William Horsley
01.10.2019 23:28:52
AH ! I found your comparison video with bugs 4. Thank you
Gregory Hall
05.07.2019 23:31:21
Good review Pete, reminds me of the Bugs 4w. I have one on the way and I hope that it flies as good as this one.
Donnie Thacker
05.07.2019 22:09:36
Looks good .Thanks for the vid Pete.Hack that battery box to take a balance plug and xt30 in to use a real charger .
Mithun paul
05.07.2019 13:27:28
I wish i could buy this ???????? in India ???????? it’s too much ???????? expensive, and i don’t have that much Money ????????????
Kevin Blue
28.09.2019 20:00:23
Do I need the sd card in order to fly????
heri lelono
03.08.2019 23:29:17
paulie lie_fpv
05.07.2019 09:20:31
Nice affordable folding arms,brushless,Gps,up and down Camera quad,keep it up cheers ????
David Bentz Jr.
04.11.2019 08:06:16
When you connect this to a video device, do you connect (pair) your phone to the drone or to the controller?
Jarin Tasnim Shoshi
10.08.2019 11:17:32
what do you think this or mjx bugs 4w is better and why? this is much cheaper than the bugs 4w.
Geoff Clayton
14.07.2019 14:39:57
only thing worrying me is the 5g side of things, would it work on a 3 year old galaxy s7? Be good to know
RC Escape
05.07.2019 19:18:16
Update!! The charge cable is indeed a usb to usb type C cable.
Shådy S
09.09.2019 18:07:51
Why isn't there a flight path in the map on the left?
arif anwari
22.07.2019 15:19:47
Good review bud, one of the best!. The only issue I have is the fish eye lens on the camera distorting the image. Thanks again bud.
07.07.2019 03:26:43
awesome stuff what are you flying in this?