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20.03.2022 20:58:25
Jittery AF /fpv freestyle, tuning session фото

The camera mount, that is. All the bounceback was provided by the tune, though. This 5" quad flew remarkably bad on the default 4.30 rc3, whereas the 4" and 6" were great. Bumped the PIDS all the way to the max with the master slider and it felt ok-ish but it still felt like the P wasn't as high as it should be. The master slider only allows ~P70-ish and I couldn't figure out how to get rid of the betaflights pampering mode on site without plugging it in. Also couldn't get the bounceback under control, I know big part of it was due to the camera mount but still, it was kinda disappointing.

Because I couldn't get the P where I wanted, I tried bumping the D as a last hail Mary to control the bounceback but it just caused the quad to get so edgy that it wanted to turn into a moon rocket. During the tuning it felt so bad in fact that I had to check twice if I was on the ICM or the MPU. I'm sure it's a build issue ofc, I haven't flown this quad since . . last summer. It still had grass on it from mowing the lawn the last time ????

Doubt next time is any better. Guess it's time to get rid of the 5" 4S rigs and move completely to the 6"/6S and 4"/4S. The bigger prop over the previous popular sizes really makes a big difference, both in the gyro but also flight performance. So, couple of new 6S ESCs and couple of 6" frames it is, then. Oh and I need more batteries too. I have two 6S 6" rigs already, so technically I don't really need to build them. But when I do build something new that can carry a fullsize Gopro, that's where it's at for me. The 4" quads I have 4 right now and those are going to stay legal this year too as the EU drone law got postponed one more year. Uhuh, to me the 4" is the perfect size. It just flies great.

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