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01.11.2017 16:00:04
Eachine E58 720P Folding FPV Camera Drone Flight Test Review фото

This folding Mavic clone drone produces very nice 720p HD video, and records directly to a microSD card to eliminate lag. Find it here

- Folds up to a very compact size for easy transportability.
- 720p HD camera video is recorded directly to a micro SD card inserted into the quadcopter. This eliminates WiFi lag from the recorded video. The JY UFO app is used to start and stop this recording. The camera button on the controller is inoperative.
- Real time FPV video is viewed on your smart phone via the JY UFO app available on Google Play here and iTunes here
- Flight modes include altitude hold, headless mode, one key return, automatic takeoff, and automatic landing.
- Quadcopter starts descending to an automatic landing if flown out of range. Descent will continue if reception is regained, but may be stopped by pushing up on throttle stick.

- Can only record video directly to the onboard SD card. The app does not record the WiFi FPV video to your phone. This is the first WiFi FPV flier that I've seen without such capability. This may be a plus though as most WiFi video is laggy with much frame dropping.
- Two antennas on the controller are fake and are cosmetic only.
- Proprietary 3.7V 500mah battery. However battery can be charged by any micro USB cable.
- Phone holder can turn off your phone if it has on/off button its side. You may need to use spacers to prevent such.
- I experienced a drop out, but it may have been due to a poorly seated battery.

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This video along with every video of the Quadcopter 101 channel was produced and edited with VSDC Free Video Editor. You may download this excellent, and no kidding "free" video editor here

"Awel" by stefsax

is licensed under a Creative Commons license:

music was shortened to fit length of video.

Arthur Bell

quadcopter with camera

Skye Drone
flight test
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blade 720
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27.12.2019 15:30:06
How many frame rates?
03.01.2020 23:56:03
The video quality really sucks, but hey it’s only 720p (that’s how much it’s worth, 720 pennies.
Phillip Williams
22.08.2019 22:40:04
Man i just got on and it sucks i cant get it to stay in the air. Cant get it to connect to wifi
Apollo Thirteen
15.02.2020 08:54:03
Why extend the antennas if they're fake? Doesn't make sense. Is it just for garnish?
L Belk
29.10.2019 18:44:23
What Is the range on a drone like this
P Porter
23.12.2019 02:02:44
I have the same one. Mine records to the phone
Juliermes Borges
15.12.2019 03:09:58
My control does not want to connect to the drone can only control the app what I do?
Jose Prieto
05.12.2019 18:18:22
Este dron es una mierda. El primer día roto. Uno de los motores. Tecnología chiná.
08.10.2019 08:03:32
Can you make the camera on the drone move by using the controller?
14.11.2019 05:21:41
Hey look its the drone x pro! For half the price, which is the actual price. I almost fell for the drone x pro scam
Greg Goslin
05.01.2020 07:43:29
What the heck? I downloaded the app and I push play and I don't get a video screen view from that camera! And that's about as much as you explained it anyway thanks for the video it's good work.
Keitho H
29.07.2019 16:32:51
Do you know if it’s possible to change the battery for a more powerful battery for longer flying I’ve sourced the correct battery with more power, but will that effect the drone??
Bernard lebrasse
11.12.2019 12:03:16
hjhrc hj28 drone how to calibrate does anyone know
31.10.2019 23:33:02
do not buy this piece of shit............scam
Daniel Masri
28.08.2019 14:51:28
Hi..for the eachine e58,what is the minimum class micro sd card required?
Yalım Cinisli
19.07.2019 23:36:51
You are a very good YouTuber. Thanks for the info.
Amazein YT
25.12.2019 15:02:54
Does it include the SD card?
Nas Pas
17.08.2019 01:12:18
you did review on both "Eachine E58" and "sg106" which is better?
Randall Underwood
21.07.2019 22:36:52
is this the same as a Drone X Pro??
Jordan Miller
05.01.2020 21:58:35
How do you connect the drone to the app?
Frank Smith
17.09.2019 06:01:03
I seen these on eBay with 4 batterys under $60 with free shipping from the US not a bad deal.
24.11.2019 02:46:11
Talk about latency.... he flies in the fall, but it doesn't record the video until spring. ????????
Glen Hagerman
16.12.2019 08:34:03
This video sucks DJI MUST have hired this guy to play it down due to the price
05.01.2020 01:40:14
RE: phone displayWhat is the upper middle icon function (30% throughout video) ?
03.08.2019 01:09:58
@QC101 do you give advice?
Hassem Ouarghi
10.01.2020 17:47:22
Très bonne vidéo Mr, comme d'habitude, j'ai commandé une après cette vidéo, sur aliexpress boutique echine, l'été la première fois que j'achète de ce store, et j'été très choqué par la qualité de service, rien n'a été livré, et jamais de réponse du vendeur, j'ai contacté services aliexpress, il on ouvert un litige, mais a la fin il s'est apparue qu'il vende rien a part des numéro de suivie fictifs, après aliexpress consulte le résultat de livraisons et envoie l'argent au vendeur, en revenant sur les commentaire du produit là ça été la surprise, tout le monde a eu le même cas, a part quelque un qui font le piège sans le savoir, avec leur 4 ou 5 livraison qu'il on eu. C'est la première fois que je me suis arnaqué, je crois que ce boutique est maintenant milliardaire et avec plus de publicité il y'aura plus de victime. Désolé pour le partage de mon désagrément, mais ne laissons pas des arrivistes abusé de nous chère aéromodeliste....
Kenny Green
15.08.2019 23:19:53
Thank you for this really great review. I have watched many clips about many drones, but after watching yours I have settled on the E58 and gone ahead and ordered one! I can't wait to get my first drone and start flying. Thanks again. Much appreciated :)
Drone Man
06.01.2020 07:52:53
Love your reviews, cheerful and truthful reviews
Ethan 8474
10.09.2019 02:07:51
I have that
Brian Clunie
29.12.2019 23:17:16
Awesome information, love this drone, I just Subscribed!!!
Alejandro Martinez III
16.08.2019 05:51:26
The antenna is not real. Nice bruhhh
Giuseppe Di Capua
10.08.2019 17:47:30
esiste una versione in italiano?
Quadcopter 101
01.11.2017 16:59:20
Find it here goo.gl/k6f1TS
Charles Foster
11.01.2020 23:42:06
I just received mine but one motor will not run and two others run intermittently at differing speeds. Only one motor runs correctly. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I have a claim pending for a refund. Paid $48
Ajith Nanda
03.01.2020 14:26:15
How to control brother
Aaron Cervantes
27.09.2019 18:22:21
What is the maximum range?
Barry Barney
26.08.2019 11:28:23
Thanks for showing me that , as i have one and its my first drone so I am learning how to fly it and yoj make it look so easy . So thanks for that.
Yuki Frost
05.12.2019 07:23:27
i have the same drone type and its awesome. its just need to learn the buttons coz the drone is expensive
Ron R
01.08.2019 22:08:35
I'll stick to my Spark....that looks like junk....
29.12.2019 14:54:46
it do record to phone
Angel Diaz
31.12.2019 20:07:00
So i will need the chip to be able to fly. I have the app i do not have a chip i cant figure out how to conect my cell with the drone. Im trying to show my son. Plz help do i have to connect my cell blue tooth or something or it should work with my cell and app once i have the chip in?
FL moseley
29.07.2019 22:35:47
Fish eye lense. No 3 axl gimbal. 720 p camera. Short range and small battery. This drone is for a kid or someone not interested in video.
Keith Heiskell
06.11.2019 05:23:31
You need two of those shirts so you can take a crap on one and covered up with the other one
Honest Martian
14.01.2020 11:29:11
This little drones been rebranded a few times now eachine...drone X pro...mavic pro 2 clone reallyThis is the first video ive seen that positively showcases it.. the fps seems pretty bad but for its pricepoint its not a bad little thing eitherwayMoney well spent the flighttime is less than what is advertised but that might be due to using the camera as you go
fred jones
03.10.2019 15:01:12
jeez total crap drone
sammy fitt
29.07.2019 20:35:16
Is the range crap on this or is it jus me
Nico Lopez
06.01.2020 06:24:08
Wow nice reviews thanks
Liam Pettit
29.08.2019 23:29:45
Love the shirt ????????
16.02.2020 11:24:52
Can I buy this in india
butch cassidy
06.01.2020 02:45:38
Just purchased this as my first drone. Only gripe was the lack of battery life, but other than that this things a blast... Easy to use. Perfect beginner drone. Recommended
26.12.2019 21:57:53
i dont know wether to buy this one or the Snaptain S5C
Monaural Concerto
26.09.2019 09:14:34
I wonder if its strong enough to clip a go pro to ot for better video quality?
16.10.2019 22:48:42
Victor Isidro
12.08.2019 20:27:59
Whats the app
Andrew Hardy
11.08.2019 22:51:41
Kinda nice, but no battery level telemetry? No lost drone beeper. 10 ft range. Great that it will descend onto private property when it goes out of range or runs out of battery. No compass sensor?
Chakorn Wongjam
22.07.2019 02:15:54
Tello is much better and just a little bit more expensive.
08.11.2019 01:31:30
How the hell do you get the fpv can to come on. The app will not connect no matter what I do and I've watch read and tried it all. Does it have to have a as card to connect?
Donovan Bryan
03.01.2020 20:10:11
I have this drone. But havent flown yet.What is the range? If i take it out to a lake. Can i get any video or will i lose it in water cause it shut down
Christian Saarne
04.01.2020 23:28:44
Actually it records to the phone, it depends if you have inserted a sd card or not. If not it records to the phone.
Jim Marriott
05.10.2019 19:01:45
Putting the spacers on the controller will have occurred to you by now.
27.12.2019 05:01:44
Does it have adjustable speeds?
18.09.2019 20:44:39
Can I buy extra battery for this
Oobleck Ogg
26.02.2020 04:39:08
Do you get to keep all the drones you review?
Tractor Wrangler
19.11.2019 01:31:37
That's 720p? That lens must be garbage.
Ken Johnston
29.10.2019 06:37:21
Youre such a great pilot. Out of range to me means I can’t figure out right orientation, thus I send it to the Lost Zone... I’m not a good pilot, but will try again. Thanks so much! -Ken in Hawaii
john cook
27.12.2019 03:23:07
I had one they are garbage!!
Ben Kanobe
14.09.2019 02:10:08
I went to Amazon and there appears to be two types of microSD cards. Which one does this take the one with take the one with the cutouts and notches on one side or the other with just the corner cut. Link please
16.12.2019 16:58:33
What the control..
l.o.r מתיחות
26.01.2020 17:09:53
Pls hellp me i collect te dronr and i dont no what the name of the app!!!!! Help me
31.12.2019 00:39:44
As a beginner, I bought one of these, which I promptly lost >_> I decided to try again and got a replacement. I thought I'd try to look for the old one using the new one and lo and behold, I managed to >< The fact that these are as cheap as they are is a massive selling point, I'd initially bought the 3 battery version (hence me wanting to find it rather than biff the batteries), but now that I have 2 I fly one and my daughter flies one when we go for adventure bike rides. The're not top of the range, but if you lose one or it's destroyed it's of little consequence.Also the local police only asked me about it once, they took a look at it, called it cute and left me to it.
fdor_20 yt
10.01.2020 10:28:48
What aultitude can it go
Kim Lê
09.02.2020 09:29:52
What is name app ????
Peter Grandahl
07.01.2020 03:29:23
Thank god for the internet. Just bought one of these. I answered an add bragging all over about this. It clearly isn't all that great but I guess its OK for $100. The biggest problem the directions was a very small three page pamphlet you need a magnifying glass to read and is written by someone who clearly barely speaks English. No mention at all about the sd card. Was wondering why I couldn't get it to record.
Prince21 Channel
15.01.2020 07:10:35
This is quite good drone? But why the dry grass turned green? ????
Jason Goltz
14.01.2020 19:08:10
Great video... I just bought one the other day.... can't wait to use it
buddy jim
02.01.2020 12:39:27
What’s the range?
Mighty DS Fives
16.12.2019 13:45:31
i bought this thank u but some other videos show that this is a SCAM. They also show other evidence so yah i am happy becasue most of the videos on this drone is negative so yah thanks :)
Phillip Greig
16.12.2019 11:38:10
What are rates???
06.10.2019 14:28:18
HI, thanks for the feedback on the Drone. Good job.
michael Umbac
27.09.2019 14:36:14
But this unit is less than 10min flight time
El Primo
05.08.2019 08:51:11
How it is the mostly sold drone in market anybody explain
Chandler Barnes
29.12.2019 03:53:12
My sd card slot doesn't have anything to take the card in
18.10.2019 10:57:28
Hey Quadcopter 101How do I Hover my Drone x pro because Im trying to Hover it moves while am Trying to fly it and also How do I control the speed of my Drone x pro
Anonymous User
26.02.2020 02:07:08
TLDW: junk
29.07.2019 15:41:28
1a really thinking of getting one would you suggest for a biginer or a willing to pay £60 don't no what that is in dollars sory thanks for Al the info you give the rc community ✌️
Mohsin Mandlik
14.02.2020 18:01:58
Hey sir please do review of Hj28 drone it is better and cheaper than eachine e58 drone
Krystian Łysiak
27.01.2020 05:41:39
why you didn't flip the phone button down ? there is a curve so it won't touch the button :)
Neddy Ferdiansyah
25.09.2019 06:46:31
What wide angel non aktif?
Super Zero Duh Duper Popular Busine
19.08.2019 06:27:50
They are not "fake antennas" its an extension option which are for your cell phone to attach to the controller if you wanted lol
Mohd Shamirul
10.11.2019 06:12:06
my eachine keeps drifting away when flying. can someone help me
Trashey Ashey
17.07.2019 07:23:16
This is how many times he said via⬇