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21.01.2018 06:17:25
Half Chrome: Eachine M80S The Best Beginner FPV You Can Buy (And it's only $100) фото

The Eachine M80S is an awesome ducted quadcopter. It is very different than a lot of the cheap ones you are used to. It has powerful 8520 motors, angle, acro, altitude hold and even turtle mode. It even ships with a remote for about $100.

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Music: Faith by Atef

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Eachine Official
01.02.2018 07:08:04
Nice video!
Mike Comeau
30.05.2018 15:54:55
How did it perform in acro mode? Would you say it is a good acro trainer?
07.04.2018 13:33:01
Hi, I had an unfortunate fly away on my first flight. It was stuck in high rpm during alt hold mode and i lost the drone in the clouds.If i buy the bnf version, which receiver should I choose that would bind to the original controller?Many thanks
Jesse R
22.01.2018 01:33:04
Looks like an inductrix fpv + clone. What kind of flight times are you getting?
doktor drone
16.04.2019 09:20:25
I have trouble flip and roll with this drone, any suggestion? thank you very much ????❤️????????
21.08.2018 04:56:15
can someone tell me how this m80s might compare to the eachine qx65? I am trying to decide on my first drone.
Skip Ward
08.03.2019 03:45:06
There is a boom at the moment over you tube and amazon almost everything you guys share or review is being sold out!! good job,
Michael Morgan
07.01.2019 20:08:18
Very little information.
pawel rog
30.01.2018 11:35:04
which ver is better to buy? with or without it's own radio (with frsky)? I wonder what to choose thinking of bind with Taranis but what about the turtle flip then?:) do You think it will be better than kingkong tiny6/7?