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23.05.2017 08:20:27
The Perfect Beginner FPV Drone You Need to Buy - XK X300 - F - TheRcSaylors фото

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Price has gone up since this video.
If you have been looking for the perfect beginner FPV drone, we have found it for you! This is by far the best beginner drone that we have had our hands on in 2017. Meet your new best friend, the XK X300 - F. This quadcopter will teach you how to fly drones with ease and gradually step you into the world of FPV drone racing. Right out of the box this quad is impressive. You need to buy this drone. You will thank us later.

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Jeffery DeGarmo
06.10.2018 22:44:15
What do you pug the usb charging cable into? I don’t want to overcharge the screen.
David Meyer
20.02.2019 21:36:45
Will no longer ship to the USA. Now where can you get it?
14.04.2019 19:55:07
Well about your half video about XK X300. I think, i love you guys. I wanna buy two of them. Hopefully, they have more colors....Thanks Guys
zemaitisjacob 12
24.06.2018 05:41:30
14.04.2019 19:52:12
Well about half of your video about XK X300, i think o love you guys. Thanks i wanna buy 2 for myself.....Hihihiih
Auto Body Everything
05.12.2019 20:59:33
That’s a really cool fpv cam. It’s smaller than the bugs removable fpv and obviously lighter.
Trevor Ketchum
13.08.2019 22:46:33
This looks perfect I am definitely making this my first fpv drone.
Aaron Jones
27.02.2018 17:08:15
I crashed it and now the camera feed isn't working. Any suggestions on how to fix it?
Evan Graham
25.04.2018 16:24:57
Very good review! On the strength of this review I bought one and am having a great time with it! I'm 71, never had a drone before, never flew one before, and this one was easy to learn to fly. I'm not interested in racing, so it doesn't lack anything I need in terms of speed. I make dog training videos, and this is very good for that, except a 1080 camcorder would be preferable. Do they make a 1080 unit for the X300?
Valentijn Westerveld
16.08.2018 00:06:02
Hè, I see him on Amazon for $229 and on Gearbest for $81?! Euh..what is the price?
ciLvarinno dev
02.02.2019 05:38:26
Hows the Quality and durability of this X2 X300 drone sir in 2yrs time?
31.01.2019 02:06:06
Just received this drone a week ago. Hopefully will unbox and take out to fly as soon I subzero temps to away!!! ????????
Bene C
23.01.2018 15:38:43
Hello help me I as new as a baby what happens fly for 8 minutes then wait 2 hours to recharge cn you get a couple of spare batteries and are you still over the world on this model please stay safe and thanks
03.02.2018 11:57:21
I'm getting the BUGS 3 anyways ;)
Paul Bissonnette
30.01.2018 04:46:03
Y don’t u give us the price of the dron
07.08.2017 12:35:38
Buy it Here - goo.gl/gnfQ47
04.02.2018 20:47:39
Are extra batteriesand repair parts available for this?
Christine Riker
06.01.2018 19:12:05
I bought this drone because of your video. Thanks for showing
Tan Emma
06.01.2018 10:49:59
Material is not good fragile
Bill Evans
23.03.2018 07:18:00
Hello Abby, Nate, and Popeye,Could you review the XK 252 and compare it to the XK 300-F?Based on your reviews, so far I’ve purchased the Dromida Vista, then a Bugs 3 and Wimius Q4 camera, the Huina “Claw” grabber vehicle, and the WL Toys 12428. Oh, also a few Furibee F36 and the like. I happy with all of those and thank you for the reviews!BillBeavercreek, OR
Justin Philip
11.03.2018 19:53:03
Hubsan 502e or this one? Which is better?
30.03.2018 09:31:41
The drone itself seems really good, but its video quality is really bad. Are there options to swap to or "attach" a better camera on this quadcopter?
Kenneth Turk
06.12.2019 15:19:38
The thing sure is noisey loud enough to wake the dead.
25.01.2018 06:22:31
I just got my first drone! After watching your video, I really wanted one so I got one! Thanks for your honest review which lead me to make the right decision. THANKS!
Raymond Millwood
14.04.2018 18:48:29
A year later, is this still your pick for a beginner FPS Drone?
02.08.2018 05:11:03
I just bought a Xk X300 W. I know you showed the F model. I found a great deal on one used. I have flown it a few time in my back yard and I love it. My son who is a big gammer is a better pilot than me loves it too. thank you so much for showing this this drone.
Nate Miller
12.12.2018 01:56:35
Just tried to purchase one, but it's out of stock! ???? This looks like a great addition to my collection! I hope it comes back in stock soon! Keep up the great reviews! I love your channel!! ????????????????
Brad Tate
08.06.2018 22:06:58
Can you suggest a drone for a beginner or new flyer?
Don Hall
29.12.2018 22:30:26
? if may does the monitor over the Transmitter come with or separate and what FPV Goggles would you recommend if had chance Thanks
Martin Lowry
09.02.2018 23:13:08
After seeing this video review I recently bought an XK X300F. It was super easy to put together, just screw the rotors on and install the display & mount to the controller add batteries and it was ready to fly. The drone seems to be well made and has a reasonable 13+ minutes flight time at 26 degrees F here in New England . My Son's, 11 and 8 both fly it with ease. IMO The XK X300F is a great beginner FPV drone. The kids love it!
Jeffrey Ross
09.01.2018 17:40:25
If anyone out there is just starting w/drones GET THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!$110. at GearBest..!!!It has auto...EVERYTHING.. you'll love it like I do!!!!!!!!!!!It was SO EASY!!!
supercub 1
10.01.2018 18:17:20
Hello there i am an out and out plane flyer from uk, but this is amazing .i paid £90 for a t111 micro fpv drone and it was rubbish, the monitor took forever to charge and had the fpv range of the end of my nose, and the quad itself very often would not bind,that was a couple of years ago,then wow for not much more money ,the technology has gone way ahead , not seen these in uk. anyway all the best and keep your great videos coming
John Wagner
11.10.2018 01:01:27
Nice, nice, nice drone! It Did everything it was supposed to do and did it well. Whats NOT to like about this drone, right?? Nice job guys! Where's popeye??.
JD MCLoven
06.01.2018 16:52:26
Quick question.....does this drone have the follow me option? Thanks
17.04.2018 08:49:39
* X300-F* sorry for typos
18.01.2018 19:04:00
It looks like they put more money into the transmitter than the drone. They always include extra props with these drones but the more common thing to fail is the motors.
Klanee Green
05.01.2018 04:10:39
Hi guys between WLToys Q323-C and the Xkx 300 which would be better
14.04.2018 05:54:06
I purchased this one approx 2 months ago and i have yet to put it in the air becuz the sd card is stuck half way in the camera and the camera won't go completely in or out. can't get in touch with gear best or they won't return my emails i really think the drone would be great but darn it I guess i am going to have to try somehow to get in there and cut that sd card and i will let you guys know afterwards any suggestions would help!
10.03.2018 19:54:39
does the xk transmitter work on there other drones, or just the one on the video
17.03.2018 22:07:13
Thank you, RCSaylors, for great video reviews of RC flight products! My flying was primarily indoors with some outdoor adventures with the WLToys V911 helicopter. Just could not enjoy flying such small craft in the wind. I wanted to move toward FPV, but was wondering if fixed wing was a better choice. After seeing your review, I bought the X300-F because it would be the least expensive way to transfer my skillset from indoor/outdoor helicopter to outdoor FPV flight. Thank you also that your videos do an excellent job of replacing the inadequate translations we get in the manuals. After my camera not working as expected, I was able to watch your video and see that it works within the range you were experiencing. I'll keep watching.
Larry Davisson
20.04.2018 21:25:13
I had mine for about 3 months now. Since I am white I lost it on a warm winter day in the snow in -2° temp for a while when I crashed it into a tree. Did no damage to it. Even the wet snow did not affect it. It is Spring and it is still cold out. On less cold days the battery does last longer. I like my drone very much! Great value for the LOW price! I would pay 2X as much and still consider it a good deal. How do they sell these so cheap and still make money?? WOW! I like it so goof that I might order another oen.
colt kwilkerson
24.02.2018 01:30:19
does XK make a brushless alt. hold GPS drone.
Lauren Loucks
01.03.2018 19:57:08
Just bught one based on this recommendation, I have gret high hopes. Thanks you guys
07.04.2018 04:27:20
I just pulled the trigger and ordered one.
Michael Siddle
28.02.2019 09:14:40
Looks like great drone. The only issue seems to be the quality of the video which looks low resolution. Does it come with an option for a higher resolution camera?
Jon Hohensee
24.02.2020 03:15:47
You didn't use film.
Jaime Santiago
20.04.2018 17:57:55
Hello New to channel!  Do you still think this is the best Beginner FPV Quadcopter (BTW I sub!!! great stuff here) or can you recommended  one around 100.00, thx
Brian Dillon
17.01.2018 10:03:25
after watching the xk x300 video I purchased one, have not yet got more than a test flight or 2 on it but it is, so far everything it claims to be great place for me to start, I have 1 question, where can I get a better antenna to use instead of the stock antenna? Hats off to the RCSaylors your video is responsible for my first FPV my next purchase will be the Hubsan 501s I think is the model and RcSaylors are also responsible for that decision. I love your videos, you know exactly what to show and how, I check with you guys first on pretty much everything then I compare all other info to yours thanks for your great informative videos they give great direction for those who don't know
15.05.2018 10:49:43
on the box the X300-F comes in,there is a Configuration Table. One one line it says XK X300-F and the little square box there is marked. on the same line it says X8 and the little square box is marked. What does the X8 stand for???
Kenny Wheelus
12.04.2018 01:23:08
☺really nice drone,how much did it cost.
Dennis Mead
29.03.2018 01:39:49
This might be the best video yet. I have a quad but getting in the air is hard for me as I'm new to the hobby. But I will let you know if this helps. It is also nice to see couples having the same fun together with R/C hobbies I wish more couples would do more of this keep sending the videos.
Jon Hohensee
24.02.2020 03:25:56
Seems pretty nice, but MAN, is it LOUD!
Leslie Reinier
29.01.2018 02:52:06
You guys are, by far, the best channel to help people like me choose the right quad to get started. Thank you so much!
17.04.2018 08:47:18
what does the X8 or 8X MEAN AFTER THE xk x399-f mean after the model name in the configuration table on the side of the box??? I'm 78 and not to bright when it comes to quuadcopters. bought my X399-F after seeing this video the first time.
Parnia Shah
05.03.2018 12:11:56
Can I hook it up to a phone to hook it up to vr Samsung goggles?
william beckett
11.06.2018 20:09:10
I know this is about a year old, can you recommend something similar? I went to Gearbest and they won't ship to the US. I would really love to give fpv a shot.
D Money
13.02.2018 16:26:16
Where do y’all buy replacements part at
Robert Freeman
21.03.2018 20:43:45
Ordered one for the long flight time --- very expensive 2nd battery ---- max time on either battery was 7 min simple slow flights.
Jeffrey Ross
07.01.2018 02:04:54
Just got my X300..charged etc...etc..and will go fly it when the wind dies down..so wanted to ask..could you guys show the buttons etc in the shots that show what happens when this or that button/stick is pushed or...ya know what I mean ...I'm sure.. anyway not just for me..but in any of your reviews/ tutorials...( I get that mostly you are reveiwing not teaching but we all learn by watching..and Thanks for, obviously watching your videos, BEFORE posting..you cannot believe the videos out there that are a waste!!!! that's why your veiw numbers are much greater than 99% out there..SOall that said THANK YOU ..THANK YOU BOTH!!!soooooo appreciated
Theodore King
13.12.2018 00:34:28
Wow the image is so stable. Do you think it has EIS
Stephen KY Hung
15.01.2018 07:33:58
Look nice.......
16.04.2018 15:00:06
Bought this after i watched this video, love it except I cant figure out how to change the brightness on the monitor?
Jxppy J
02.12.2018 11:49:26
Home much is it
Vincent Gilhool
28.11.2018 03:32:27
Please disregard earlier post. I found the adapter. Thanks.
Ted Barrera
25.05.2018 06:37:24
Which do you prefer? This, or the WLtoys Q393A, or the Q333-A? Which one has the most features and best value for money?
23.06.2018 06:07:06
Hi im john would like your help please im going to bye a drone to use with my motorcycle channel im trying to get started id like one with the follow me return home as many bells and whistles i can get for around 200 hundred there seems to be alot of choices could you please recommend a few to check out thank you I enjoy watching your videos keep flying Thanks again John
fullenn Bendaño
23.02.2018 09:20:00
I just love this drone.. thank you for product reviews and flight hope i can have it then.. i just love watching this video always.. thankyou..
Jerry White
05.01.2018 06:35:10
Me thinks she needs to fire Jimbob and take over the channel. Hahah just kidding guys. Great job!
Kyle Podgorski
20.01.2018 19:46:38
I have one more question before buying this drone. Can it be controlled with your smartphone?
Auto Body Everything
05.12.2019 20:58:12
Hi guys what’s up ????... I thought the optical positioning was a sensor that keeps the drone stationary bcs it uses the image of the ground below it as a (gps) land mark. However not a full gps bcs it’s not satellite but rather photo imaging gps. Am I right? Or was this something else I saw?
25.01.2018 20:46:13
Hey Guys, great reviews. My question is does the FPV screen come with the unit as the link to GB doesn't show that it does?Keep Up the good work
Ted Barrera
26.05.2018 13:18:47
This over the bugs 3?
10.09.2018 20:06:11
Do you still have your instruction manual for the xk x300? I recently purchased a used model and the instruction manual was lost. If I pay you for a copy can you email or snail mail me the manual.
Blaby Biker
06.02.2018 02:13:07
Thanks for the helpful and informative video!
19.02.2018 17:04:36
I've never owned a drone and was looking for one to take to Canada for some vacation video. I really liked this review, but I'm limited on room in the boat. I would also like to stay under 1/2 lb so I don't have to register it in Canada. I would like one with some decent distance What would be your first recommendation for a small drone for my application? BTW, your reviews are the best.
Phil Locke
02.04.2019 20:00:26
Was the XK300 review done at Markum Park? Well done & I will purchase this Drone soon, Thanks!
Gunny Highway
09.01.2018 06:07:34
Thanks RcSaylors for helping me make a solid choice on a first quad! My X300-F came in today (exactly 2 weeks from order date). The "unboxing ceremony" and first battery charging took place after work. Since it was dark outside by then, I put the prop guards on and tried the auto lift-off/landing in the living room. Wow. This thing is so stable and easy on 60% rate that I twice drained the pack flying it in the house this evening with some manual takeoffs/landings. The weather here looks good for some outdoor flying tomorrow. :-) Question: Does everyone's camera unit get hot during operation? Mine was noticeably warm after each flight. Not sure if that's normal or not since I'm brand new to this.
Jeffrey Ross
18.01.2018 21:48:43
Ah Oh.. learned a lesson in flying when too windy.. lost it bummer!!!!!ordered another one.. sheesh! boo hoo..Hey so what brushless drone is close to the same as this X300. do you recommend ?
BenX rocket
21.02.2018 07:11:03
???????????? bought that drone love it only complaints the hold position camera worked great in the first flight but hasn't seemed to work since maybe just bad Terrain I don't think there's a way to turn that feature off and on
03.02.2018 11:56:55
Mine doesn't record or take photos..... :(
22.01.2018 09:52:04
hi guys , where i can buy an extra battery for this drone ? thank you
Bob Paz
12.04.2018 20:03:11
Bought it...... Very nice, but there is no emergency shutdown. If there is, then where is it/
Tom W
04.01.2018 08:47:18
Hey hey Saylors, Happy New Year ???? . I want to thank you both for all you do for the rc community. I ordered this quad tonight, with goggles and used your code . I share many of your videos with family and friends, plus post them on my Facebook page . I really enjoy watching your evaluations on trucks , planes , and now I’m a newbie droner . I’ll let you folks know about when I get it and can fly it here in Toms River New Jersey. Thank you ????Ps - you can get parts for this quad !!!!
warslave brul
21.03.2018 23:46:06
Just got one.the video really help.cant wait to try this ????????????
21.05.2018 20:38:53
TheRcSaylors, I have just stumbled on your channel while learning about drones...been binge watching your videos, you guys are excellent!I am still undecided on getting the Bugs 2/3 or this one but seeing the blades in frame quite a lot is a no-go for me. I have seen another review and he probably cropped the frame quite a lot?!
22.06.2018 19:30:38
Hi, I was wndering if you could fit brushless motors to this drone?
Flight Simulator
13.01.2018 18:57:03
Just bought this drone in the 5.8ghz version after watching your video. Comes with camera and fpv monitor and 4gb micro SD card for $125.00. I think thats a great deal. I was also able to find extra batteries on hobbywow.com, and ebay, from around $18, there are also motors on ebay for $6. So I have 3 batteries which give me a total of 45mins flying time. This is a toy grade borderline hobby grade quad, but this thing is amazing. Fly's great, position hold works, battery charges in about 2hrs, and long flight time. This is a good beginner quad, and I highly recommend it.
Jeffrey Ross
28.03.2018 21:41:07
the X300 IS the best for beginners ...like me!! It's soooo easy. I love mine...I recommend it.. you'll see!!!
John Bunegru
02.02.2018 18:15:21
Cool. You can get this for $128.99 if you click the US warehouse. Awesome drone. Don't know how I didn't see this when you guys first reviewed it.
Shane Robinson
31.10.2018 17:45:43
It’s cool how ur mrs likes ur hobbies dude got a sub in the market for a drone and am liking this
Jeffrey Ross
08.01.2018 20:01:31
OK guys.. Just flew it.. OMG soooo easy perfect ..just like your video!!Only flew LOS for now..til I am used to it. SOOOO easy!!!! I AM STOKED... Happy I got an extra battery so I can keep going!!!I read the instructions and went thru starting and stoping it w/out taking off in the house. So when I went outside it was nothing.. went right up..and just like your experience it was perfect.. THANKS for the review!!!!! this is a great starter!!!lIKE you said..EXACTLY
robert Ivanoff Arctic Rc
24.11.2018 07:19:53
Compared to.the Hudson 502s 4x dire . Quick one would you choose?
John Evans
26.03.2018 01:11:48
IH got a x300 but there,s no monitor with it and it will only take videos for 4 seconds is there something I'm doing wrong thanks
04.01.2018 01:14:39
Great review there, liked it so much I just ordered one from GearBest for £83, such a good price!!.... Its a pity it doesn't have a spare battery, but this is literally my first quadcopter and I'm not even sure where to get a spare one, any suggestions guys? :-)
Dale Halls
05.03.2018 18:30:15
when you order this one do you get everything what you show on this video or do you have to order other stuff like the screen so that you have FPV.
David Meyer
20.02.2019 21:38:10
Gearbest shows discontinued now.
Eric Robinson
21.11.2019 02:43:00
I have never used fpv after all these years of flying drones and such. I will have to give it a go sometime. Very impressive drone guys
Andrea Z
27.01.2018 14:29:32
I Love u dudes,Creative rewieve