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22.05.2020 15:00:39
Drone News: Remote ID in 2021? DJI to stop selling drones? Arrested for shooting a drone and more фото

Lots of important topics this week in drone news. The first one relates to Remote ID and a possible implementation by 2021. We will talk about a lawsuit between DJI and Autel that could prevent DJI from selling drones in the US. A man was arrested for shooting a drone in Minnesota. And lastly we'll talk about an FAA survey and the upcoming only FAA UAS Symposium that's moving online.

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Remote ID starting in 2021?
FAA administrator Stephen Dickson is pushing the FAA to release final ruling on Remote ID by the end of 2020.
With over 53,000 comments on the NPRM earlier this year, I wonder how they can go through so many comments and still release this in 2021.
Documents leaked seemed to indicate that the cohort of 8 companies that was announced recently is favoring a Discovery and Synchronization Service (DSS) as described by the ASTM standard for Remote ID that was published earlier this year.

The data would still be collected by a USS and the qualified agencies would get their info from the USS.
Data will be updated at least every minute and it looks like the ground controller’s information would still be included in Remote ID (not sure if public or not)
Document also seemed to indicate implementation would start in 2021.

DJI to stop selling drones?
An ongoing lawsuit between Autel and DJI took a turn this week when a judge on the US International Trade Commission ruled in favor of Auto and recommended (keyword) that the drones in question be banned from US Shelves.
The current battle is over a folding mechanism for the legs, which infringes on a patent owned by Autel.
The battle is about banning the import of DJI’s folding drones (Mavic Pro, Air and Spark) and selling the current inventory in the US.

Arrested for shooting a drone
A man in MN was arrested and faces criminal charges for shooting a drone that flew over a meat processing plant.
The 34 y o was charged with criminal damage to property and reckless discharge of a weapon within city limits.
The pilot said he was filming the slaughter of chickens by employees due to infections.
With possible public info about drone pilots location with Remote ID, how soon until someone gets shot?

Upcoming FAA Survey
The FAA is asking for public comments on whether or not they should release a survey for drone operators.
The survey would collect data from drone operators to determine flight behaviors in preparation for UAS traffic management (UTM) services.
The survey would contain
6 questions on general behavior
4 questions about the number and type of UAS
5 questions for commercial operators
7 questions for public safety operators
1 comment currently

Online FAA UAS Symposium
The FAA UAS Symposium is moving online.
Like the Star Wars franchise, it will be divided into Episode I and II. No Jar Jar Bing is not a speaker.
Episode I: July 8-9
Episode 2: August 18-19
Single Episode: $150 (1 day) and $249 (2 days)
Both Episode: $375 (popcorn not included)

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David M
23.05.2020 16:17:41
I still think the FAA has been purchased...for them to try pushing remote ID through so quickly that is telling.
Addy Overbeeke
22.05.2020 16:03:24
All great information, My reseach is simular understanding for all you said. Great Video and thanks for sharing.
Mr. J.K. Cummings
22.05.2020 19:11:19
Certainly, bureaucracies tend to become insulated and self-perpetual and thusly, not serve the populus. We must make our voices heard. On the other hand, I am cautiously optimistic that the FAA has public safety and risk management at its core. I have friends that are plane pilots. My discussions with them about this topic tend to confirm the FAA's mission as it relates to UAVs.
Jet Martin
22.05.2020 23:52:20
WRT to the upcoming FAA survey......Personally I AM NOT giving the FAA ANY data WHATSOEVER...why?....because they've proven that they don't have our best interest at heart. In fact they've given Drone Community a big FU with their actions on the RemoteID proposal. So why would I do ANYTHING AT ALL to help the FAA? Here is what I'd suggest we do: ONLY respond to the Survey if it allows the pilot a place for "write in comments"...And THEN ONLY fill out the comment field and explicitly tell them you are not filling out the rest of the survey because the FAA has proven by their actions with the RemoteID NPRM...that they don't have our best interest at heart; and therefore they can't be trusted. Personally I'll probably also tell them that I WILL NOT comply with the RemoteID proposal unless significant changes are made the RemoteID.Guys we need to start fighting back....Maybe this type of response will get the message across to someone at the FAA. It's worth a try...we have nothing to lose.
Randy Koster
22.05.2020 15:25:00
My prediction is that DJI will license the patent from Autel, DJI will continue selling drones, and Autel will be happy.