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23.05.2020 16:33:52
Lost Wing gang - Chasing FPV Wing Formation 4K фото

May 2020 RotorRatz Joined the Lost Wing Gang for some epic formation flying at Powderkeg. These dudes know how to do formation...

So stoked to be able to fly along with 'em, chase 'em, film 'em!

Land and Sea - Emancipator

Film Rig:
Armattan Chameleon (original) 6"
Foxeer Box cam V1
Crossfire nano Rx
FuriousFPV 2.4ghz VTX

Armattan Chameleon
Furious FPV
Foxeer Box
FPV Wing
TBS Crossfire
Wing Chasing

Категория: Развлечения
Теги: wing, formation, lost, gang, chasing, film, chrem, fpv, rotorratz, vcrossfire, emancipator

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