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23.05.2020 16:33:42
Fpv Freestyle Interpid Chicken #fpvfreestyle фото

Hey internet hope you guys doing well in this situation, this video is the first pack on the location, where I tried do something new, but the chicken makes it difficult ????????????????????????, so im just trying to get its reaction when the quad approaches it.
#fpvfreestyle #fpv #fpvlife
See you in the next video until then its bye & be safe from Mpk Fpv and always happy flying.

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Thanks guys for your love and support.

_Kwad components_

- Motors : t motor f40 iii
- Esc : Dys 30 amp
- Props : HQ Ethix s4
- Flight Controller : KISS V1
- Frame : Martian ii
- Vtx : Eachine tx 805
- Rx : R9m
- FPV cam : Foxeer Monster v3
- Vtx Antenna : Emax Pagoda
- Lipo : Cnhl power 1300mah 70c
- HD cam : Gopro hero 5 Black

_FPV Goggles_
- Fatshark hd3
- Laforge v3 diversity module
- newbee drone head strap
- Aomway RHCP antenna's
- Immersion Rc Mini Patch antenna

-Taranis QX7
-R9M module
- 3d printed gimbal protector

- Soldering iron : Samcon 25w
- Solder : Oswals 60/40
- Prop Spanner : Double end with 8 and 9 sizes
- Electrical Insulation tape
- Rc Car Antenna Tubes
- Zipties
- Velcro battery straps
- Gopro camera Vlecro straps

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