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23.05.2020 17:30:01
DAL Foldable Props for FPV фото

After a looong customs delay I finally got a chance to test these new folding props from dalprop / foxeer.. Like alot of people I initially wrote them off as non-viable for FPV freestyle (I'm working on that lol) but will actually flying them change my mind?! Check it out..

Get the Props Here:
And Here:

Nepal Props:
Similar to Johnny Props here:

Giving away Drones on my PATREON Here:
-Discord Access

Main Setup:
MOTORS Karearea TOA -
Best CMOS FPV Cam 4:3/16:9 Switchable
Best Hero 5/6/7/8 Camera Butter ND FILTERS
Best Session ND Filter
Use these Lighter Al 7075 Frame Screws
Favorite 6s Lipo Ovonic1000mah
4s Lipo
Cut your own Landing Pads
Restock of Ummagrip Raw Material - Sorbothane Roll
Hero8 Mount
Jello Guard for Hero8 Mount
Smaller Capacitor I Use Now

ALL Kwads use this STACK
BRAIN 20x20 FC- (Unbelievably good)
AIKON 32bit 20x20 6s ESC (unpoppable)
Unbelievably Versatile 20x20 RUSH 800mw VTX

SD Card Holder-
Best Dual Charger-
Best Value Charger Bundle-
PowerGiant Automatic Hex Driver
Prop Tool -
Best Soldering Iron (Portable Too!)

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Infamous potato FPV
23.05.2020 17:59:04
you certainly raised some interesting points probably won't be switching
23.05.2020 18:01:09
I think your turtle mode maybe caused the props to twist up and damage? If you crash again maybe leave it and see the damage without trying to get out of it?Great stuff man! I couldn't imagine crashing them in a parking lot lol
doktor drone
23.05.2020 17:58:28
Looks super smooth, Max. Thanks for sharing. All the best for you ????????????
Nice DreamZ FPV
23.05.2020 17:59:51
im already too lazy to change regular props. ????
Massiw _fpv
23.05.2020 17:53:30
Awesome review - they are practically IN a bag, but for me, I have my drone OUTSIDE my bag. You kind a skipped the one advantage, that they should be more secure if u touch them while spinning them. It’s not a product for me personally, even if they have a okay flight flight feel ☺️ but it was not a rough beat they got and the impact damagewise was Big. ✌️
23.05.2020 18:01:33
Failed! too much hassle. This is the opposite of PoPo.