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23.05.2020 18:13:47
FPV #200 – Answering Questions, Public Relations, China, And A New Politics фото

Twitter: @FPVaughanIII

Категория: Новости и политика
Теги: fpv, –, answering, questions, public, relations, china, and, new, politics, websitedonations

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One Pissed OFF ANGLO
23.05.2020 18:25:47
and Frank--STOP letting people commenting on you get to you..IGNORE!!!
23.05.2020 18:25:43
Frank, your the most simply organized, patriotic garlic farmer I could ever imagine and I would be proud to have you as Prime Minister of Canada (JUST SAYING PEOPLE...). Happy Birthday to Frank Jr! Cheers!????
John B
23.05.2020 18:43:21
I have seen first hand at how those people have fear of being persecuted. I helped my dad on a insurance renovation job at a home owned by a Chinese family. They had boards that went across the front and back doors at night time just like you would see in old forts in the wild west.
Bbbls D
23.05.2020 18:36:08
Thanks for all your hard work and passion. I wish a party like the PPC was the answer, however, when the seat of voting power remains in Quebec and the GTA it will make no difference. Electoral reform is the only thing that will right this sinking ship of a country.
Dave Bellaire
23.05.2020 18:44:18
Like your show Frank. Voted PPC last election. Hope you have a great day with your son!
Blacknano Wolf
23.05.2020 18:24:23
Happy birthday mini Frank
23.05.2020 18:43:02
You are most definitely well versed , no script necessary , wish I had that gift
Shannon Spurrell
23.05.2020 18:40:35
Happy Bday little Frankie! 1 revolution around the ☀️