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24.05.2020 00:04:39
Unlockdown - ROAR FPV FREESTYLE - HaloRC Osiris - iFlight Xing Cyber 2207.5 1777kv - Betaflight 4.2 фото

WOW! It's been a minute since I last posted some proper flight footage. 8 weeks off the sticks is the longest I've been in over 4 and a half years. Was kind of nice to have a breather and a refreshed love of flying (not that I'd lost any love for the hobby).
This is just a raw pack maidening my new main freestyle build. Betaflight 4.2 ALL stock apart from rates. Feels pretty good for default, looking forward to showing you just how well you can make Betaflight fly.
Hopefully regular uploads will now resume, hope you've all stayed safe and well.

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