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24.05.2020 07:18:24
Practicing some FPV Freestyle stuff - Ripping around a parking lot - Slammed Alien, Ethix S3 фото

Took my slammed Alien and my Apex build 2. I broke a motor on the Apex. I just fixed this today... and it's the second motor I've broken in two days. both from excessive slamming on concrete/pavement... One quad will just get different motors and the other one will get a replacement motor (and I have replacement bells on order.) So all will be fine, sans 2 motors. Lol.

I wanted to practice things today. I only really got to work on yawing through gaps. I want to get to the point where I'm power looping and going through sideways and or backwards. So that's what I did most of today.

I like this slammed alien build. I need to get a new camera. The Micro Arrow Pro isn't gonna cut it. It was only supposed to be temporary until I decided if I liked this quad or not. I like it well enough to get it a decent camera and a good antenna. I'll hook up Crossfire too. I have some receivers I've been stockpiling from places where I could find them... Lol

The s3's and 2700kv motors is gold. However, I am remembering having an issue before: I get pink/green rings in my gopro footage when I'm flying the S3's. Maybe I'm remembering wrong, but I'm gonna have to look into that more. Luckily I just got some more S3's from my FPVCrate today. I was on my last set. In fact, my last battery I HAD to change props... but I could only replace 2 because the I didn't pack the new ones. Lol.

Anyway, thanks for watching!!

Slammed Alien frame/iFlight 2206 2750kv/Ethix S3 Props/CLRacing F4S v1.6 FC/Xilo 40A ESC's/Foxeer Micro Arrow Pro/FrSky XSR/Foxeer Stubby antenna/GoPro Session 5/CNHL 4s 1500mAh

Jumper T16 Pro/TBS Crossfire Mini/Orqa FPV One/ImmersionRC RapidFire/TBS Triumph Pro Antennas

Song: Oh No - Gogol Bordello

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