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24.05.2020 04:53:15
Ultimate Mavic Mini FPV - HACK фото

** What You Need ** (no affiliate links here, feel free to find cheaper deals)
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** How to connect **
goggles---included hdmi cable---hdmi female-female adapter---dongle---wifi piece and a powerbank. Then download EZMira app and connect phone via bluetooth to dongle. Iphone users can connect via the app or Airplay. More lag with android phones. No range issues at all using my Samsung S8.

The ULTIMATE SOLUTION to fly the Mavic Mini with FPV Goggles is with the dongle bluetooth system. This is the cheapest AND BEST system with LESS lag than my android tablet system. Anyone who does not have an Iphone or Samsung phone could still get a tablet as that system is overall cheaper (not everyone has a $500+ phone), but for everyone else who does have an Iphone or Samsung phone the dongle system is cheapest and even better. If you already have the goggles, you just need the adapter, the dongle, and a powerbank. For those of you who bought a tablet and were not satisfied with the lag/latency, take it from me that this dongle system works better and gives the best fpv experience. Anyone not satisfied with their tablet has plenty of time to return it via Amazon; I have returned mine and use the dongle system now. Look for the Amazon return option that costs $0.00, so you don't pay shipping (for lithium ion battery transportation). I hadn't tried this system earlier because I thought a direct connection to the goggles would be better for reduced lag, but the dongle connection actually works better.


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