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24.05.2020 12:23:27
3 weeks flying FPV drone (last battery of the day) фото

Its been 3 weeks since I started flying my fpv race drone. Ive been going out everyday and flying at least 7 packs. This video is from my last battery tonight. I cut a few parts out to make it shorter since its already nothing great.

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24.05.2020 12:49:34
Here Before 80 subscribers. Dream Big! Let's be Youtube partners :3
24.05.2020 12:39:19
I'm flying 3" for now until build up to a 5" what you flying ?
24.05.2020 12:36:44
Casey great job very smooth just 3 weeks great I just started yesterday 4 packs going today 6 packs It's great fun flying FPV My Phantom is going to collect dust when I get better at this. I using DJI HD system what are you using ? also have you been on SIM ??