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24.05.2020 13:38:58
JJA Mini B19 1500TVL, $12 FPV Camera Review (compared with Runcam Phoenix 2) фото

I spotted this $12 USD 1500TVL 19x19mm camera on BangGood and couldn't resist getting one to compare against the 19x19mm Runcam Phoenix 2 that I now use on my MT and Dragon. And just out of curiosity, I threw the old HS1177 into the mix.

Unfortunately the listing didn't specify that the B19 was a 16:9 camera! So I won't be using it with my 4:3 FS goggles. :-(

If any of the local flyers use 16:9, happy to on-sell for $15 AUD...


Music Credit (with permission from THBD Sultan):
Track: Good For You

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24.05.2020 14:02:08
Cheap camera, and it shows...You don't always get what you pay for either...I got a second Ratel and it's not as good as the first one...????????????????????????????....Chy..naaah.
24.05.2020 13:51:31
loved it