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24.05.2020 16:08:35
FPV and 3rd Person View with a GoPro Session 5 фото

I got Inspired by one of Ummagawd latest videos using a new Insta360 Go. That must be possible with a GoPro Session 5 too. So I started building a extension for my precious Martian II. Well... did it fly and ripp? You can see all about that in my short movie. Yesterday we went out flying our pack of drones once again. Always a pleasure flying together. Way much fun.

After all I think my set up is cool. But getting to fly the drone in a proper manner you need a short plank. In my opinion a little bit too short to get a pleasant 3rd person view. Now I'm looking for to get an Insta360 Go in a few months. The effect of 360 is another one. But hey, a GoPro Session never fails. It's a tank of a camera.

Music by: South London HiFi - It Was a Fine Day

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