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24.05.2020 17:38:39
World's smallest DJI FPV drone - 95 grams, HD video фото

I built this 95 gram DJI digital FPV toothpick using most of the parts from the Eachine Viswhoop. I put them on the Novice 3 frame and added the Diatone canopy and HQ 3x2 props. It is definitely a work in progress, but HD toothpicks are just around the corner.

Eachine Viswhoop:
Diatone canopy:

HQ 3 x 2 props:

If you want to build your own these two parts are the best place to start.
Caddx Vista:
AIO Flight Controller:

is the place to shop for toothpicks, stock goes quickly however.

Check out these channels if you are interested in learning more about toothpicks and micros...
Albert Kim: _66GMfAbz1AW9MqbQ
Nick Burns:

#DJIFPV #dji #fpv

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Favorite Cameras
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JeepdogsRCbikelife 1
24.05.2020 18:08:18
Sharp ????????????
Baltic Boy Wandering
24.05.2020 17:39:04
mini micro FPV
24.05.2020 18:04:07
Nice job! I always had it in my head to build a sub-100g quad for a Vista but 108g is as close as I got:) Also, based on my experience with the TransTEC Beetle, one can run a little linear antenna on the Vista and save another gram or two:)
Baltic Boy Wandering
24.05.2020 17:40:20
Wow, that looks like a serious fpv drone