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24.05.2020 20:52:40
Singularity Drone фото

"I saw a video of an FPV pilot using CG "portals" to transition from 1 location to another and thought... I want to do that! With the extra time forced upon us, I have been spending my time learning new techniques to spice up my personal FPV videos. Here is a video that combines all I have learned recently and I think it came out really great."

Team Pilot Leviathan

Link to Leviathans YouTube _RDF8SxUnS71g

Newbeedrone 1850kv FLOW motors _pos=142&_sid=0ec30a64f&_ss=r
Newbeedrone Infinity Stack _pos=251&_sid=0ec30a64f&_ss=r
DJI FPV system _pos=24&_sid=a26e88c9e&_ss=r


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Теги: newbeedrone, fpv, singularity, and, drone, have, time, that, pilot, video, leviathan

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Finley Stannard
24.05.2020 20:53:43
Nice very good freestyle flying
24.05.2020 21:06:04
excellent flying incredible. You should publish a tutorial on how to do those portals. Great work!
Experimental Rc
24.05.2020 22:08:30
Very smooth flying