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24.05.2020 20:37:54
FPV #201 - What Has Been Said Behind Closed Doors, And More Questions Answered фото

Twitter: @FPVaughanIII

Категория: Новости и политика
Теги: fpv, what, has, been, said, behind, closed, doors, and, more, questions

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Agnes Roman
24.05.2020 22:04:41
Since last night, I made the jump to listen to the other views about the PPC party, they have a bunch of dirt on Maxime Bernier and the party. Since this morning, I am done with Max and the PPC party, I"m going to tell you that he played us. It's a deep rabbit hole, as Mark Twain would say "Truth is stronger than fiction." Somethings sound unreal, but there are a lot of facts and proof; which I always believe can open someone's mind. Sometimes, you can't tell the public; but show them.
Arleta Kobylka
24.05.2020 21:57:46
Frank, tell me what's going on in this corona virus, this is more political then heath
Ursula. M
24.05.2020 20:54:52
I miss your covid19 videos.
Mike C
24.05.2020 20:54:46
The PPC is our best bet; save your trash talking for when they are in power. You are not helping a damned thing. On this one - STFU.
Monica Kavanaugh
24.05.2020 21:27:42
Leave your hair alone, it becomes you.