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24.05.2020 06:12:19
Flying @ Roger's #CanadianDroneHub and Kim's #FurballKimFPV фото

What a day! ???? A pleasure meeting these two gentlemen in person today for the first time and ripping around their property with Kim's four inch quad. Thank you for the generous hospitality. I'll be back.✌️

furball kim
canadian drone hub

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24.05.2020 21:52:05
Roger and Kim and the best! Nice job :)
Old Guy on a Bike
24.05.2020 19:10:40
Looks like you had fun.
Furball Kim FPV
24.05.2020 17:25:22
Wow that is far out Mike. It was awesome having you here was a great time. Super nice edit. You got skills. Thanks for putting up the video awesome. Your welcome anytime Mike
Val's Life aka Puddles FPV
24.05.2020 16:49:17
That looks like so much fun. Miss them all so much. Thank you icehat for the wonderful post.
drone daze
24.05.2020 06:59:47
sure is fun to fly with others ,, only get to once in a great while
Quad Farm
24.05.2020 07:16:59
Nice! Glad you all got to meet up.
Desmond's Donders
24.05.2020 19:44:32
Over from Roger and Kim's. take care and stay safe.
Sleeping Bear
24.05.2020 07:57:42
Wow you got to fly with some legends!! You get autographs?? ???????????? lol Great times God bless!! Brings joy to my heart.. sweet vid!
24.05.2020 15:30:10
Looks like you had a blast!! Nice!!
24.05.2020 06:18:35
Awesome rip my brother ????????????
doktor drone
24.05.2020 06:26:01
wooow cool spot to fly. say hello to Roger and Kim if you meet them next time. happy weekend, God bless you all ????????????????❤️????????