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24.05.2020 20:03:37
Rigwell Heavy FPV helmet фото

Shoot FPV all-day-long using cinema camera with cine lenses, huge V-mount battery, follow focus, field display, and video transmission system WITHOUT any risk of neck or spine damage!
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The Rigwell Heavy FPV Helmet has a unique head and neck support system which was inspired on Formula-1 HANS that keeps your head and neck free of weight by transferring it to your shoulders. Two props on the sides of the helmet are fully adjustable in any direction. So it fits perfectly anybody with any head size (from a small girl to a big wrestler). Those two props have adjustable shoulder supports, that wraps your shoulders from both front and back. They restrict you to move your head independently from your body in any direction (either panning left-right, or tilting front-back). So there is no chance to damage your neck or spine because of inertia or weight.

The Rigwell Heavy FPV Helmet weights only 3.6 Kg (8 lb), so this complete setup (Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K, Canon Cine 14mm, Tilta Nucleus-M, 190 Wh V-mount battery, Hollyland Mars 300, Blackmagic Video Assist 5") weights only around 9 Kg (20 lb). So, wearing this rig is the same as holding a 1-year-old kid on your shoulders (and it's the same funny).

The Rigwell Heavy FPV Helmet comes later this spring, follow us on the Facebook and the Instagram to don't miss our next cool product — Rigwell Arm and Vest stabilizer for DJI Ronin S.


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