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29.12.2019 01:07:28

Best beginner drone for 2020. Tinyhawk 2 can go places like no other drone I've flown. Superior tune, and increased power make this little guy a top buy in 2020.

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DRONE review man of all drones
01.01.2020 01:50:55
Sweet Van!!! And really liked the tree exploring!!!!
Hanan Dahan
30.12.2019 00:19:45
Hello my friend.im new to all this and your chanal helping me alot to have my first drines and the way to flight.so thanks an keep doing that????????
JKP guy
29.12.2019 18:11:52
Nice Video. I love to watch FPV while listening the comments. Thanks
John Larson
29.12.2019 03:59:01
Impressive flying through the tree branches. ????????????
15.02.2020 20:51:27
you pretty much just sold me on this drone. I want to fly around my house front to back yard and my larva x is too fast for me to control in such close proximity. I'm pretty sure this drone is perfect for backyard flying :D thanks for the review!
drones for beginners Alan
29.12.2019 14:07:02
Daam I just got the tiny hawk 1 when I could have got this can I buy the tiny hawk 2 and use the tiny hawk 1 goggles would I need different antenns or what ????? Thanks for the video ???????? a take it's 5g WiFi ? On the set up I no 2.4 for the first tiny hawk ? On eBay you can get 10 batteries a think will they work £23od eBay and what batteries is best for you buck ?? Thanks ???????? peace from Scotland ????????????
Nicholas Kerslake
02.02.2020 04:44:20
Hey guys, what would be everybody's pick in the category of wanting a brushless whoop capable of 1s and 2s that can use all the 400-500mAh 1s batts that I currently have for my 75mm brushed whoop, will be mostly flying around the house/ in warehouses/ maybe at the park on a calm day. The obvious contenders I've seen are the Tinyhawk 2, the 75mm betafpv pro 2 or possibly the 65mm to save on weight if I'm leaning towards mostly indoor 1s flying (would have to 3D print a battery clip or use a rubber band to hold 450mAh batts which is easily done). Are there any others that I should be considering? what are some pros and cons of the three I've listed? I cannot find any side by side reviews on the latest offerings from Emax, BetaFPV etc which makes it difficult to gauge the pros and cons of each when measured against each other. A buyers guide/ shootout would be great. Thanks!
Rik de brouwer
30.12.2019 02:25:40
Love the slow crawls.. so much control.. perfect for exploring tight places.Also for me it said "justin davis and drunk am talk " these youtube generated subs...
Bronis & Drones
29.04.2020 17:57:58
very beautiful and interesting the drone, I liked it a lot.

Say one thing, how did you do to film his fpv screen?

Will it sd card?
or did you have to do something different to film and put the fpv screen on the video?
13.04.2020 02:02:46
Should i get a rtf version of this so I dont need to set up a controller and goggles for it? Looks hard to do it. Or should I get separately?
Otter Fire
29.12.2019 11:39:54
I'm sitting here wondering how you got your tinyhawk off the top of that light pole lol. Turtle mode?
29.12.2019 01:48:55
FYI - The warning card for PIDS is wrong..... in Betaflight it is set up to AUTOMATICALLY change profiles based on Battery Voltage. The Pilot does not need to worry... plug in pack and RIP. No changes needed.
drones for beginners Alan
10.01.2020 03:04:09
Does anyone no easy software for tuning tutle mode on is it jus bete flight a have windows just a nightmare get loaded anyone from Scotland that can help from Glasgow ????
Colin Bruner
16.01.2020 06:30:22
Can it handle a HD DVR camera as an upgrade? Too much weight and short fly time maybe?
29.12.2019 02:55:17
Battery connector is crap for a 2S. hell, look at the sag on even 1S. Love the control, look, and everything else, but that connector type blows. Jeff
Dino Harrison
29.12.2019 01:21:10
Looks fun. Have you flown it in any wind? Wonder how it is? Happy New Year Buddy!
James Duckworth
29.12.2019 17:02:37
My THs is my main slow exploration craft. So smooth and steady on 1s. I can crawl through gaps I can't do with my 65 mm whoops. Love the upgrades on this one. Thanks for the video!