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25.05.2020 03:55:53
Loolinn LMRC LM-01 GPS Drone Review (Part-1) фото

The New Loolinn LMRC LM01 is a great beginner drone available

This FPV RC Drone Quadcopter has a Full HD 1080p Camera Live Video, 16min Flight Time, Follow Me, GPS Auto Return Home(Under 250g) Loolin sent me this drone to review and I'm very impressed. This review is in two parts. Part 1 (shows unboxing, claibration, basic operation and video and photo.) Part 2 (shows "follow me, Return to Home, Hand Gesture photo mode, circle me video and other features.) I like this drone and recommend it fully. It's a nice drone. Remember the drone doesn't fly until all satelites are locked; unless, you turn off the GPS feature. To turn off GPS hold the GPS button for 3 seconds until you hear a beep from the controller confirming GPS is off.

Thank you for watching this video review on my youtube channel "Tommy Drone Tech."

On this channel, I review New Drones & Quadcopter and offer technical tips and tricks for new Pilots of brands such as: New Boss, LBLA, WLToys, Force1, DJI, Yuneec, & Parrot and other new Drones I find and Accessories such as Props, drone lights, and drone cameras.

I also review Action cameras, gimbals, audio video products such as stabilizers, mics, video equipment and give tips and tricks for better audio video.

I love: Quadcopters, Drones, RC Planes, Heli's, Action Cameras, Science Fiction, and anything that Brings Life and excitement!

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