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FPV Freestyle Legends - Aditya Bimaputra фото

DitKWAD! Corona Pills
My Late Grandma said never be a Looser Pilot, you will be like the ordinary and stupid for your whole life! Life is colorful my grandson ????????stay focus what will you be, be special, never be an ordinary !!!!!! ????????????, and I blessed by Allah SWT for all my risky flights. Thank You Allah SWT

With an Orqa , Rapid ????, TBS Crossfire Full Tx, and Foxeer Predator in my side were the most important and powerful flight supplements to be a Quad Superhero ????. They're the best stuffs in this ???? planet earth! I am The One Indonesian Orqa Boy

Vielen dank! sicher fliegen und guten flug!


Thanks to All my best principals:
Hvala Vam Orqa - Tenzor
Special thanks to TBS Avionics, Foxeer and ImmersionRC

Indo Store:

Dit KWAD! used the following equipments below:aa ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Alien 5' 225 mm kwad kupter

FPV Google:
ORQA Dit KWAD! Edition
Immersion RC Rapid Fire RX Diversity

Antennas (google)
ORQA Military Grade
Video Aerial System Crosshair Extreme Patch Antenna

Omni: (Quad)
ORT pagoda Long Edition

Remote and Equipment:
Taranis Qx7 (400k baud rate and BF Lua Script Open Tx 2.3.0)
TBS Diamond Antenna by VAS for Crossfire Tx
TBS Crossfire Full Tx CRSFSHOT Enabled
TBS Nano Rx SE with immortal T antenna

Fpv Camera:
Foxeer Predator V4 Mini 1.8 mm Red Color with 25 deg elevation
Hq Prop 5.4.3
Matek F405 STD Overclocked to 192 Mhz
Immersion RC Tramp HV

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