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25.05.2020 09:41:42
Iflight DC5 Titian DJI 6S Wet Weather fly Sydney. This thing is insane. фото

Have not been able to fly for ages due to Lock downs and the fact that every park in Sydney has been flooded by people through lockdown hence not safe to fly a drone.
Really miss my old nazgul (broken and will fix one day). 5" are such great fun and with DJI FPV and TBS Crossfire range is awesome. Feels like a older DJI drone for range (Mavic 2 has mental range). Really good for longer stuff, my park is pretty big and no real issues with FPV feed and never had any problems with the Crossfire stuff in this drone.

Iflght DC5 Titan DJI 6S (TBS Crossfire) with ethix rotors and battery straps
DJI googles.
Taranis X9D Plus with Crossfire Micro

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25.05.2020 09:47:55
This was in heavy winds btw so only one gap. Took me a long time but only figured out power loops - had no idea I needed to cut throttle at the top - was always doing them flat chat before. Any tips appreicated.