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25.05.2020 13:53:27
Twistedhobbys proXy fpv plane modification фото

This is a fantastic plane for up close fpv flying. i love how slow and stable it is to fly in tight unique looks make it an eye catcher when flying with others and the rear mounted pusher prop has been a great asset for the occasional 'miscalculation' :).The only concern i had was that the tight space at the rear forces the use of a small prop 6inch, meaning the motor has to buzz much faster to gain good propulsion , which makes it just a little too noisy for my neighbourhood. So this is an option,mounting the prop up front. The plane keeps all of its versatility, except for potential prop damage ,but a prop saver helps ,coupled with the fact that most of the time the plane is flying pretty slowly as its piloted around trees and other objects. I hope you find this interesting and enjoy the video

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25.05.2020 13:58:43
loved it
25.05.2020 13:54:37
Nice vid. When's Your next Video? Sending my support :3