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25.05.2020 14:52:46
A Farewell Ride To 4s // FPV фото

This will be my last post from this quad. It's been a great quad and I've learned a lot with it but I'm moving to 6s and lowering my camera angle drastically. The Armattan Rooster only lets me get so low. It's a tank and I'll keep it for that reason alone but won't be the focus anymore.

Music: The Best Day by Atmosphere

Frame: Armattan Rooster
Flight Controller: CL_Racing F4S
ESCs: Armattan 30A DShot BLheli_S
Motors: iFlight Xing 2207 2450KV
FPV Camera: Foxeer Predator Mini
VTX: TBS Unify Pro HV
Props: HQ Props Ethix S5

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Теги: the, armattan, and, farewell, fpv, this, ride, but, quad, itchrs, camera

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