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25.05.2020 03:46:21
Cinematic FPV in Norway 4k | Diving mountains, waterfalls and clouds фото

Some footage from the last two days. Spring is finally here and it's nice to have some other weather than strong gusts and rain.

Shendrones Ichabod LR
Holybro Kakute F7
Tekko32 BLHeli32 4-in-1 ESC Stack
DJI Air Unit | Banggood - GetFPV
Crossfire Diversity Nano RX
TBS Crossfire Immortal T Antenna V2
Lumenier ZIP 2207 1750kv PoPo Pro Motor
Matek SAM-M8Q GPS Module
Mateksys Micro BEC 6-30V input - 5V/9V output

Gopro Hero 6 settings:
4k 4:3 format 30 FPS
No stabilization (stabilized in post)
1/60 Shutterspeed
100 ISO
NO ND Filter

Stabilized in Reelsteady.

I use one marker in the beginning when the quadcopter flies at a stable pace. Sometimes I use a second or third marker if the throttle changes are big.

Smoothness: LOW
Cropping speed: SLOW

Color corrected and made pretty in Adobe Premier Pro.


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25.05.2020 05:27:22
Man you are amazing pilot ????, what module of crossfire use, the big or small?
Håkon Yndestad
25.05.2020 09:28:41
25.05.2020 04:06:31
loved it