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25.05.2020 20:29:25
Relaxing fpv cinewhoop flight фото

Relaxing cinewhoop through the trees. Trying to make this video to help people with anxiety and also something calm and peaceful to watch while falling to sleep. I'm trying to get the hang of this cinewhoop though. I soft mounted the motors after this flight trying to cut back on the twitching. It doesn't show much here because hypersmooth 2.0 is on boost. I believe it's just vibes getting through to the gyro. I seriously need to get reelsteady go but don't think I'll ever be able to afford it and parts for that month lol. and I think this is one of the first fpv videos designed to put you to sleep lol.

What I'm listening to:
Relaxing 5-min piano music for sleeping and studying

Listen to it here:

I'm flying the Diatone Taycan 3" Cinewhoop
Mamba f405 mk3 flight controller
Mamba f25 25amp 4in1 esc
Mamba 1408 3600kv motors
Diatone/TBS 5v filtered unify pro VTX
Crossfire Nano RX
Runcam Nano 3 fpv camera
Foxeer lollipop 3 Omni 5.8g antenna in quad
Video shot with GoPro 8 black , 2.7 60 hypersmooth on boost

Thanks for watching. Keep flying and having fun that's all that matters.
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Xplicit fpv
25.05.2020 20:36:56
F YEAAAA THERES THAT #SLOFLO i LOVE! Great job brotha!! Beautiful spot
FPV to
25.05.2020 20:53:44