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25.05.2020 19:00:23
Mont-Saint-Michel like never before! – Cinematic FPV фото

With its population of 33, surrounded by water, an over thousand year old history, Mont-Saint-Michel is truly one of the most unique and iconic French monuments. And I got to explore it like it’s never been explored before: cinematic FPV style!
Special thanks to Le Centre des Monuments Nationaux, the town of Mont-Saint-Michel and Paris Match magazine for their support on this project.

Produced by: Buzar Drone
Edited by: Ellvitz
Music: [ ford. sonn & Hanz ] – Home


This footage was stabilised with the magic of Reelsteady GO.
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- Frame:
- Motors:
- Flight Controller:
- ESCs:
- PDB:
- FPV camera:
- VTX:
- Receiver:
- Props:
- Crossfire:
- Battery:

- Radio:
- Goggles:
- Video Receiver:
- Patch Antenna:
- Omnidirectional Antenna (Receiver):
- Omnidirectional Antenna (Quad):


Thanks a lot to my sponsors PiratFrames, MenaceRC, CNHL, Flyduino, T-Motor and Team Black Sheep!
Definitely check them out. They make fantastic products and I'm honored to be part of their team: / / / / / _US/

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Raul Gardilcic
25.05.2020 21:27:21
Woww increíble ????????????
25.05.2020 19:59:05
yesss blasting again... and the other fact VFX WILL BE MUST IN these fpv videos soon
25.05.2020 20:22:31
Trop cool de voir le mont vide !
25.05.2020 21:40:19
Mouahhhh trop bon, vraiment un plaisir de voir ton travail à chaque fois.. ????????????
Daniel Adams
25.05.2020 20:48:15
Digging the video, however, it's super stuttering for me which takes away a lot of the positive experience. Considering it wasn't exported wrong (e.g. 24fps) I assume the footage is constantly either sped up or slowed down. I've noticed this a couple of times already specifically with Reelsteady footage in the FPV world. I assume that the reason is the footage not having enough motion blur and using a not ideal Time Interpolation. Either, the footage should contain a lot more motion blur, which would hide the problem of dropped frames or you should take another Interpolation option than Frame Sampling (called Normal in FCP X). The other two options are Frame Blending or Optical Flow. The first blends between frames as needed to achieve a smooth motion and the latter creates new frames based on frame analyzation which ultimately should avoid the stuttering.
25.05.2020 19:04:44
OMG, is this place real?
25.05.2020 19:31:07
Nice,comment ta fait pour avoir les autorisations????????par contre il manquent des frames non?ça saccade un peut genre 25fps dans une timeline de 30fps ou 24fps dans 25fps
Mattyfleisch FPV
25.05.2020 19:26:36
Beautiful work! Very well done ????????????????????????????????????????????????
pierre meunier
25.05.2020 19:05:57
sublime !!
25.05.2020 19:31:13
That new unreal engine looks so realistic! ... Wait, WHAT?
Yohalmo Coto
25.05.2020 19:21:06
Too smooth bro!
Menga FPV
25.05.2020 21:44:56
Amazing work Benoit ????
25.05.2020 20:12:27
was looking forward to this you didnt disapoint in the slightest nice job!
25.05.2020 20:29:34
Oh Bordel !
Ricardo Moreira
25.05.2020 20:39:07
WOW!!! Amazing!!! I'm sure you would also have some fun in Italy's (close to extinction) "Civita di Bagnoregio"... and a jump to "Cinque Terre".
Seattleite FPV
25.05.2020 21:15:42
That was next level
Banner Drones Media
25.05.2020 20:36:54
So dope man. That dive was epic. Great placement for some dope range.
Lasse Bloch Lauritsen
25.05.2020 19:19:48
Awesome video and place to Ive only been there on foot, but it is a magical place. Im not sure if youtube encoding have done something, but there is a lot of chromatic aberration
Free Dam
25.05.2020 20:07:53
Magnifique, merci !