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25.05.2020 20:00:30
FPV Crate subscription service from GetFPV - May фото

My impressions of Getfpv's May subscription service FPV Crate.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

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FPV wannabee
25.05.2020 20:12:01
Would be nice to have something like this I the UK.. (crate box)
25.05.2020 20:18:47
Sorry can’t watch yet mine doesn’t arrive till Wednesday and It’s my first ever. But I’ll thumbs up and move along lol.
John Larson
25.05.2020 20:59:51
Great unboxing. Wasn't gonna watch but saw the frame pop up in the thumbnail. All good. Gotta start collecting build parts. Happy flying. ????????