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18.05.2020 12:00:46
DroneX PRO Drone Indoor Test Flight фото

DroneX PRO Drone Indoor Test Flight
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Drone X Pro Specifications
The drone uses radio frequencies of 2.4GHz.
WiFi FPV enabled
Includes 3.7V 500mAh Lipo battery
Suited for both indoors and outdoors
Includes a micro SD card slot
Charging time is roughly 60-70 mins
Gyroscope: 6-axis
Flying time is between 7-10 mins
Distance for maintaining steady control is about 80-100 m
Distance for clear FPV is about 50 m
Comes in black color.
The camera is 2MP 720P HD wide angle of 1200. Produces photos of around 0.3 megapixels.
Comes with LED lights
Alternatively mobile controlled with the JY UFO app. Supported in both Android and iPhone.
Quadcopter size: 27×19.5x5cm (with arms not folded)
12.5×7.5x5cm (with arms folded)
Package Size: 17.5x16x7cm
Package weight: 360g

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DroneX PRO Drone Indoor Test Flight

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18.05.2020 12:34:49
That one stays in China. ????????????????
Aleks Mark Aerial Videos gr
19.05.2020 03:17:48
I thing fly great my friend excellent test flight on pool looks pretty nice drone!!!!
John Spizzo
18.05.2020 15:02:59
Thank You for another great video. I always enjoy watching.
Rick Williams
22.05.2020 03:35:53
Those things were junk from the get go.