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26.05.2020 00:32:24
DiviD FPV - Thailand Cinewhoop Beach Escape фото

I had to escape to the beach this time and try the new Emuflight configurator on my Bumblebee HD Cinewhoop. Even with super strong winds the experience was smooth with default configuration and tuning. A massive step from Betaflight 4.2 default pids and tune, super easy to configure and the feel is the best I have tried so far, just look at the video footage.

Is Emuflight the go to configurator now?

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Gear Used:
IFlight Bumblebee Cinewhoop:
DJI FPV Goggles: |
DJI FPV Remote Controller: |
DJI FPV Air Unit: |
Gopro 8 Black: |

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