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26.05.2020 03:21:17
Liftoff 3D FPV. Lockdown time in the Sim. фото

Well if its not the groups of people taking up the parks, its the weather. So I decided since I couldn't get any flying in safely I would do some more time in the Sim.
Nothing special just some fun flying in between practice sessions that I thought looked pretty good.
Hopefully I will be back in the actual air soon but who knows.
Stay safe out there everyone.
Keep flying and be good to each other.

Music sourced from Artlist
Jello by Egozi
Greedy With Your Love by John Coggins
Ace of Spades by Bless the Professionals


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Теги: the, flying, time, sim, some, good, fpv, liftoff, its, lockdown, bless

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