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26.05.2020 01:03:13
Butter Smoov (with a 'v') FPV фото

This is what a little scratch built drone can do in 2020 with a little experience and a good place to fly.

This was a great Betaflight FPV flight at Water Works (my favorite spot). This is a small drone that I scratch built. It has a TBS crossfire nano diversity receiver and TBS EVO VTX. The combination gets me all around the park easily with a great video signal. The drone easily carries the Gopro 7 strapped to it and the props do not show in the picture. This video looks good played forward as well, but I thought it looked particularly appealing ran backwards, so that is how I edited it.

Shout out to Paul Nurkkala. His videos are inspiring and show exactly what you can do with a small drone, a Gopro camera, and cinematic flying and editing.

I am happy with the whole flight except for one quick turn around that I did to try and catch some bikers. Otherwise would not change much.....

water works
Mark Miner
cinematic fpv
scratch built fpv
gopro drone

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26.05.2020 01:32:01
I like it! You will make a Difference!! Oh, and happy towel Day! O_O