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26.05.2020 07:16:09
Dream Machine - Raw Pack (Betaflight 4.2 RC2, Actual Rates, RPM Filter, DJI HD FPV) фото

I haven't flown anywhere but my front yard for like a month and a half, but I finally managed to get down to the local school and put a few packs in. I've been needing to test a few setups on Betaflight 4.2 somewhere I could push it a bit harder.

I finally jumped on the HD FPV train as well. It's pretty slick! I flew a couple analog quads and the HD system back to back, and the difference in clarity is pretty remarkable. The level of confidence you gain from the visibility is I think the most significant gain with HD FPV. I felt like I was able to get much closer to things and judge distances better. It's also a lot easier to tune without needing to reference the HD camera. Just to be clear this video was recorded with my Hero 7, as so far I've only gone with the Vista air unit. I have to say though, overall I'm very impressed. And I can load up some movies off my file server onto the SD card and watch them in the goggles in the evening ????

So on to Betaflight 4.2! Some really great stuff here. Feed forward has been improved yet again, especially with improvements in the input processing. Noticeable improvements there. The biggest thing I'm loving though is the new "Actual" rate system. I'm able to get a shape of the curve that I have been wanting forever but until now haven't been able to achieve! I get a calm center but I can get that without sacrificing mid-stick sensitivity. I'm in "actual" love with this rate system! ????

So this flight was my second pack on 4.2 on this quad, and my first pack not in my front yard. It's fully unedited, just color graded, so you can get a full feel for it. I'm extremely pleased with the results. Low throttle wobbles are gone, which were previously an issue on this quad. I ended up upping P and D gains and dropping I gains a bit. I was able to get it this far using the sliders entirely as well, which is super encouraging. I'm extremely pleased with this so far! I have to say I don't really understand the folks who say Betaflight is hard to tune. In most cases I can get 95% of the way there before I ever fly the quad, just based on the all-up weight, powertrain, and frame style. I've upgraded a total of 8 quads to 4.2 so far, and tuning has been ridiculously easy on all of them. I guess folks don't like to read the tuning notes from the wiki.

Anyway, those are my thoughts for today! Enjoy this quick unedited pack! It sure was nice to get out!

Betaflight 4.2
FPV Freestyle

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