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26.05.2020 03:09:03
FPV Downhill Skateboarding - Volume 1 фото

Our first downhill skateboarding collection, almost 2 months in the making! Battling 20 mph gusts, rain, snow, and car sickness while dodging cars, rocks, and deer has made this one of the most extreme projects we've ever worked on. Over the course of these shoots we've learned so much about our gear and flying from a moving vehicle. Super excited to finally share the final product!

Skaters: Roy Wolf Jr, Lyle Hansberger
Pilots: Nikolay Anishchenko (@nikofilmz) and Carter Hansen (@carterfilmz)
Special thanks to Mikayla Paddock and Nate Varns.

Music: Tourist - Elixir

Категория: Кинематограф
Теги: and, the, downhill, skateboarding, fpv, volume, our, wechrve, finally, skaters, product

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26.05.2020 04:53:03
Well done, guys!
Whoop Squad
26.05.2020 05:49:55
MAn, that was a dream! Great flying!
Jeff Colhoun
26.05.2020 05:53:16
time for an X Class with a real camera buddy. good flying!!
26.05.2020 03:13:59
This Is the Best! Do you remember me? Stay safe xd
26.05.2020 05:25:34
Awesome video???? two things i noticed the first clip didn't fit too well from the story perspective it did though. I think a wider shot would've been better to start with. And a little more sound desighn. For instance ratcheting when tightening the wheel a sound when they fist bump. Those stood out to me. But everything else is on point. Keep up the good work!
26.05.2020 03:22:49
So many adventures and memories crammed into 2 minutes and 41 seconds. Hope everyone enjoys!