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26.05.2020 15:12:19
Fastwood Fpv by Richard Permin - High Speed Free Skiing vs Drone Fpv фото

When an FPV drone follow Richard Permin in a high speed tree run.
No music, only the sound of the skier and the drone that chasing him.

This a bonus from the FastWood project we did last year with Red Bull and Dynastar.

Directed by: Maxime Moulin
Drone by: Benoît Sartorius
Edited by: Théo Delarche
Sound Design by: Mix & Mouse
Produced by: Pvs Company

drone fpv, gopro hero 7

Richard Permin ????
Maxime Moulin ????
Pvs Company ????
Benoît Sartorius ???? _fpv/
Mix & Mouse ????
Théo Delarche ????

First time we were using cinematic drone Fpv like this.
This was the only way to shoot a skier at full speed in a tree run.

#drone #dronefpv #skiing #richardpermin #freeski #cinematicfpv

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