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30.05.2020 12:18:33
Airdrop Parabolic Servo Switch device Remote control control For DJI phantom 3 Advanced Professiona фото

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[32891289682]airdrop Parabolic Servo Switch device Remote control control For DJI phantom 3 Advanced Professional 3SE drone Accessories The upgraded version upgrades the Fiber-optic transmission on the basis of the older version. Two-way :Load: max 500gBattery capacity: 400MAHCharging time: 1 hourUse time: Standby time is about two days. The time used is based on the actual number of to Use: on the airdrop kit and the LED indicator will light off and the led indicator light will the dji Go APP. turn off the arm light (C1/C2) to chekt if the airdrop kit can work the stuffs which need to be parachuted on the drones and install the light sensor module,the servo gear will be locked the lock are not in place ,please press the buttons on the airdrop kit to adjust the drone.4. Do the parachute. Fly to the places you want to on the arm light by the remote controller and the airdrop kti will open the lock , airdrop :1. the airdrop kit will ran out of battery soon if the led indicator flashed (4 times/second) the led indictor will turnded on during the charging and off when the charging done.(current:500mAh) light sensor modules will be will be in different shapes as the drones are different .3. please checking to see if the cables blocked the props/sensors or DJI GO APP has unusual reminders after the don't tie much stuffs on the drones as different drones can burden different test the weights gradually and keep the fly safe.5. please follow the local laws during the operateor will have the full responsibility for the safety and accident cases.6. data references (weights) for the airdrop kit of different drones:phantom2/3 <500Gphantom4/4pro <500Gmavic pro <300GSend list:1 set * Parabolic (Color gray/Silver randomly sent.)

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