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31.05.2020 08:23:55
Family and FPV venture @ Swiss alps фото

You may see a :

FPV footage
liquid water
7" 6s Flywoo Croq
DJI Digital FPV

please consider this a non vegetarian FPV video and no! the cow has not been eaten in the process

Cheers und Dankeschön an alle Beteiligte

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31.05.2020 08:38:52
Thanks for this! dream big! Stay Fresh :D
L - D. Perez
30.05.2020 23:03:05
Mega Gail..!!!!
31.05.2020 08:40:29
Amazing vid. How long Have you been at It? I would love To be friends :O
Michael Bösch
30.05.2020 23:30:21
WOW! geiler scheis... super gemacht. alles! ????