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30.05.2020 19:00:13
Third person FPV droning? Insta360 One R + GO Tutorial фото

Third person view angles are super cool! Been making little clips here and there, and thought I'd make a tutorial to share what I've found so far. Hope you"ll be inspired and have fun!

Insta 360 codes:
"Gab707oner" for Insta360 ONE R, free battery base for any ONE R Edition camera
"Gab707go" for Insta360 GO, Free Carry Case+5% off

My Intagram account: @gab707_fpv

Need a filming quad, see my usual setup here:

Shendrones Ichabod Jr
Hobbywing 2306 1600kv motors
Hobbywing 4in1 esc
BrainFPV Radix
Crossfire full tx and micro rx
TBS unify vtx
Strix hoot antenna
Azure 5148 prop
tattu 1800 6s R-line
Runcam micro Eagle with RC25G lens
Gopro hero6 black @ 4k 4:3 30fps
On the ground:
Thinktank FPV Airport Helipack
Fatshark HDO ImmersionRC
Rapidfire goggle module
TrueRC X2air directional antenna
strix hoot omni antenna
Frsky Taranis X9D remote controller
Team Blacksheep crossfire module
TrueRC True Mox antenna
Thinktank backpack

I'd like to thank my main sponsors for supporting me and making the best gear around:

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Nick Ryckx
31.05.2020 01:38:25
Those 360 cameras baffle me. I just don’t understand where the magic of the hardware stops and where the whole online and offline processing begin. As a side note: since you basically film the whole solid angle, shouldn’t they be called 4 pi cameras?
Erik Narramore
30.05.2020 15:53:30
Looking forward to seeing more drone pilots use the One R, I just did one video about it and flew yesterday will be editing a 360 video soon.
Screw Muggz
30.05.2020 18:59:14
3rd person first person view? Ummagawd coined 3PV already and that's the best name for this view so far
Jerome Demers
30.05.2020 19:51:57
ok, I understand the last mount with the one X. I was wondering what was that weird white rectangle shape behind the santa hat!
31.05.2020 11:06:02
wait, is that a blackmagic camera on a drone?? more of that please!
Garam FPV
31.05.2020 07:17:03
Have a nice and exciting flight, bro????????
Big Fan
30.05.2020 20:20:55
???????? real fun!
Jerome Demers
30.05.2020 19:48:23
the insta360 GO shot with the THICC is awesome! Never saw it. I think the fact it's a big drone with lots of see, you focus more of looking a the drone then where it's going. BTW can you change the framing of the insta360 GO in the insta360 studio? I can't, only in the app.