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30.05.2020 20:48:35
The Ultimate FPV Upgrade? Making a great model, better! фото

This is the one (as there are several, but this is the 3-way version). Matt

dual fpv camera
remote control plane
nano talon
first person view
remote control
fpv camera

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Mr.D - Falling, with style
31.05.2020 09:45:45
I’m tempted to try camera switching. The Matek FC I’m sticking in my Mini Talon has switchable dual camera inputs, so no excuses lol
Bob Fin
31.05.2020 12:49:10
Back Up Matt Magic
Matthew Hewitt
31.05.2020 11:46:06
Rear cam on top and bottom cam facing down no brainier
Andrew Newton
31.05.2020 10:01:14
Wow, getting the most out that poor little pug. Great stuff
Derrick Thompson
31.05.2020 02:46:30
You put servos in the wings?! WTF ????...
Garry Grenfell
31.05.2020 05:38:44
Hi Matt. Good to see you are back! You have been missed!
Paul Sharpe
30.05.2020 21:26:30
Hi there I think that this is a great idea and I'm afraid that I'm going to be fitting a 2nd camera on my model
Adam Hodge
30.05.2020 17:31:39
I've been wanting to try this for a while. I have a F411wse which has 2 camera support. I'd also like to set up pan and tilt on a slider.
Brad ogle
30.05.2020 23:19:22
I’ve had one for a year and haven’t used it yet. Looking forward to. ????????????????????. MAGA!!!
30.05.2020 20:57:33
"Which m,eans I'll probably end up dping it anyways". LOL! I didn't know you had a Crossfire? The rear facing shot is nice!
RAy WElch
31.05.2020 05:38:41
I am currently upgrading my nano talon with a matek 765wing, crossfire. and using ardupilot. Just about finished up with the installation, and onto the fun stuff of trying to figure ardupilot out without sending it on a 32 mile adventure to who knows where
31.05.2020 00:53:01
Running 1.2G video with tbs crossfire? no video interference?
Carlos Cunha
31.05.2020 01:17:16
Which FC are you using on the flight?
Derrick Thompson
31.05.2020 02:52:52
Okay Matt, did you change the motor? If so to what?
30.05.2020 18:02:55
“I think that might be excessive...which means I’ll probably be doing it in a short while as well.” ????
30.05.2020 22:04:58
I'd do pan and tilt hook it up to head tracker...oh that is right you fly Fat Sharks and they don't let you do that.