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28.05.2020 16:44:26
Meet the DCL 2020 Draft Selection First Picks фото

As we gear up for the 2020 Drone Champions League virtual season, Matt Andrews has been catching up with the team managers and meeting their first picks from our DCL Draft Selection

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GT_Drone Trokas
28.05.2020 16:57:28
Congrats to all new pilots to be part of this amazing racing organisation like DCL is ????????????????
Andreas fpv
28.05.2020 17:28:50
Super excited on how this years racing will play out!
28.05.2020 17:20:28
loved it
Marc Frank
28.05.2020 17:56:02
CryptoSpace Media
29.05.2020 13:23:46
Drone racing, exciting sport. Love it.
Robert Leclercq
28.05.2020 23:33:54
Bwaaaa bwaaa bwaaaaa