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31.05.2020 17:30:01
FuriousFPV goggle module comparison - TrueD V4 vs TrueD LITE vs TrueD V3 vs TrueD-X (preliminary) фото

Note: These are preliminary tests to check how the newer True-D modules compare to the old hardware of the V3 (3.5). More comparisons will follow soon-ish, with the latest firmware on the True-D V4.
The True-D X module performed subpar for me on the v1.3 firmware but was included just to keep the comparison within the FuriousFPV product range. After the v1.3 update on 16/5/2020, the TrueD-X has been starting with a very bright video feed and after a few seconds of flight the image becomes much dimmer. Feel free not to take into consideration its performance, at least until the next round of tests. There is now a v1.5 firmware anyway.

What you see is the actual live video feed, recorded on a specific set of FPV monitors with a DSLR. These are not DVR recordings. This test setup has been tried & tested for a long time and each part has been carefully selected after a lot of trial and error.

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???? FuriousFPV TrueD V4:

???? FuriousFPV TrueD LITE:

???? FuriousFPV TrueD V3:

???? FuriousFPV TrueD X:

???? TrueRC Long AXII omni antennas (or similar):

???? TrueRC X-Air directional antennas:

???? TrueRC ultra-low-loss extensions:

???? For other TrueRC antennas check here:

FPV VRx module comparisons playlist: (YT)

Learn more about VRx module power consumtpion in this video: (YT)

As always, thanks to KOKOBLOKO FPV for all the help during these comparisons - check out his channel for more flying footage here: (YT)

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BG = Banggood
EB = Ebay

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Music: " Love Is Blind (Instrumental Version) " by Coma Svensson
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furiousfpv trued comparison
furious trued
fpv goggle module comparison
furiousfpv trued-X
furiousfpv trued v3
trued v4
trued lite
furiousfpv trued v4
furiousfpv trued lite
furiousfpv trued

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