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30.05.2020 10:21:03
DJI whoop is awesome! BUT I WAS STUPID фото

DJI Viswhoop is a tiny whoop style drone with built in DJI HD digital video. Turns out it is pretty awesome.

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30.05.2020 10:49:51
Hey mate, do you think we will see sub 100g DJI drone anytime soon? Living within 5.5km of an airport down under isn't great!
30.05.2020 14:38:58
WTF 360p?
Matty FPV
30.05.2020 10:47:41
The caddex vista doesn't have the receiver built in for the dji tx. That's what keeps the weight and cost down. If it was a full air unit it would be very very expensive and heavy!
Adittya Roy
30.05.2020 10:22:54
Not first
30.05.2020 20:01:43
nice review cant believe that eachine would be working with dji its an interesting choice
30.05.2020 16:28:31
Lol, 3:34 min. the goggles on our radio is also lefthand polarized???????????? brainfart. Good review mate. Eachine and Dji ???? Dji are colaborating with everyone nowadays.
Tinas Askus
30.05.2020 15:17:58
360p :D whoi watch this? you could harm your eyes :D
Brad Leonard
31.05.2020 08:34:16
Aaaaaand they are out of stock
30.05.2020 10:25:02
Turns out it is pretty awesome. bit.ly/Viswhoop Sorry about the current low quality resolution, internet has been pretty bad for some reason today.
bwas fpv
30.05.2020 14:37:21
why theres only two antennas in the googles?

30.05.2020 17:28:00
The irony an HD Fpv product shown in glorious 360p SD :) ....youtube you Trolls
Erik Del Cid
30.05.2020 22:02:32
Bro did you film this out of a potato? hahahah
30.05.2020 10:48:06
360p squad
Erik Del Cid
30.05.2020 22:14:25
Always great to see Trev! god bless that man..... Savage
Benjamin Wallace
30.05.2020 10:21:34
31.05.2020 12:00:47
Looks good but i just don't see the point of paying top dollar for vtx and camera , only to put it on cheep running gear.
Blake Lowe
30.05.2020 18:06:36
Wow I thought this must of been a very old video why does 360p even exist anymore. Sorry mate just can't watch it
JohnnyD RC
30.05.2020 11:27:54
Hi Stew and the legend the grumpiness man WELCOME BACK GRUMPY TREVOR ! Thanks again for the Great video and review of the Eachine and DJI whoop. I don't know if I would order this one. I love the look of the DJI system but I would never be able to purchase it. I have a turbo bee 111r that had whoops and I just removed the whoops and it still flys great. Thanks again
30.05.2020 14:23:52
It was nice to see trev again should of let the guy atleast finish his pack...
Drunken FPV
31.05.2020 00:53:38
This looks like what u have been waiting for, however it’s priced me out. Not saying it is too expensive just saying I can not spend that kinda money right now
TailSpin RC
30.05.2020 11:37:31
12A ESC on 4S? They're having a laugh.
Robert Fontanosa
30.05.2020 16:59:34
Thanks Stew! These prop-guarded or ducted Cinewhoops need those guards or ducts because it allows for more protected cinematic chasing and proximity flying. I made a 3" iFlight Cinebee specifically to take shots of remote control planes and wings. I can get really close without worrying about chopping up the balsa or foam. In addition, the guards and ducts also help you keep anyone in the area better protected in case something does happen. People are also far less intimidated by the guards and ducts cause they see the protection immediately. Being able to fly and get great shots even with people around justifies having the guards or ducts. With the Vista and new Nebula camera coming around that will drop off another 9 grams from these cinewhoops.
poonja detchpai
30.05.2020 10:35:48
FPV Nick
30.05.2020 10:21:35