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31.05.2020 21:47:15
5-31-2020 E-Flite UMX Carbon Cub SS FPV flt #1 - Loop and roll фото

I decided to try some aerobatics. First I flew a short flight LOS at 0:31 to familiarize myself with how the plane loops. That flight ends at 0:52 when I fly the plane into the ground.

2:05 is the start of goggle flying. At 3:26 I do a loop. Not pretty, but it counts. :D

5:38 I try a roll. Not having done one LOS first, I wasn't sure what the plane would do. It rolled fine, but lost too much altitude so I couldn't recover. The impact broke the prop. The blade was just barely hanging on, but I decided to keep flying. :D Camera was shaky, and the plane was down on power. It was also without rudder, so I landed to pop the rod back into the horn.

8:52 I try a roll again. Same result as last time. :D This time the prop blade left the hub behind and went on its own journey to who knows where. I didn't find it. The wing also tore at the wing root, so I had to tape that back up.

A bit of wind, so the plane wiggled around quite a bit.

radio control
RC plane

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