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31.05.2020 21:53:57
TBS Crossfire Setup on FrSky X9D+ 2019 Transmitter from Cyclone FPV фото

I created this video for a customer who asked for some help. While this video does show the setup process and firmware update process for the FrSky X9D+2019 Transmitter, it is not intended to move at a pace that focuses on that portion. This was done to help show the completed process and verify the installation. If you need help setting up your radio, please check out large video that is focused on FrSky radios.

The radio used here can be found on our website using the link below:

As always, if you have any questions, please use my online contact form at the following link:

and I will help you to find an answer. You may also request a video to be made like this one which I will happily do at no charge. After all, if you have a question, there is a good chance someone else does as well.

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Tarek Maalouf
Work Mule

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