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31.05.2020 22:50:23
5-31-2020 E-Flite UMX Carbon Cub SS FPV flt #2 фото

New prop installed. Wing taped back together.

Flight starts at 0:30.

1:03 I lose control. At 2:12 you can see radio says 50 frame losses and 4 holds.

4:09 the ground comes up real fast. And you get to see my stylish PJ pants. :D

5:54 I try to go under the tree. Problem is, the ground goes up. so I'm trying to get under the tree and over the rising ground. Fail. Success at 7:20!

Signal loss at 7:53. Hard crash tears the wing almost in two. 178 fades and 6 holds.

Some glue and tape and it's ready for more!

RC plane
radio control

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