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31.05.2020 23:39:55
Max Thrust Riot FPV with DVR & HD фото

Now Sporting the SunnySky 2820 800kv motor with 13x6.5 prop on a 4S 3300 60C Zippy Compact.
HD footage from Foxeer Legend 1
FPV Footage from RunCam Swit Micro
VTX is a Foxeer TM25 Switcher
Powered from the 4S Balance lead to a FatShark Power filter to the VTX which then powers the Camera.

Was pretty windy, but the good old RIot handles it with ease.
The new SS motor is silky smooth & quiet with bags of power.
I also use a 5200 4S Multistar battery in this too for even longer flight times.

Thanks for watching

SunnySky 2820 800kv Brushless Motor
RunCam Swift Micro
Foxeer TM25 Switcher
13x6.5 Prop
FatShart Power Filter
Century Models Max Thrust Riot
50A BlueSeries ESC

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